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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Blog Report: 12/25/08

Evening people,

So I'm sitting here in complete shock. As I type this, it's only a day or so till Aces Down goes on stage, and I can't believe that this is happening. It's like a massive dream or whatnot, it's way too good to be true....

*Deep breath* OK, let's get down to business as usual before I get into a full-on mushy speech made for Disney films and 80's flicks.

So the show is in about 1 and a half days. Scary. Now, I've been around, and I've done a few shows as previously mentioned, but this is unlike anything else I've been a part of. To be working with these talented bandmates has been a blessing and I am excited to see where this takes us.

So for all those curious about going to the show and need some guidance getting there, here's some help from our friends at Google Maps: (sorry for our Facebook readers who may not be able to see this)

View Larger Map

We hope to see you there, at 6PM, Tom's Gourmet Marketplace, Northborough MA.

-MC Larny

P.S. Happy Holidays! So consider this a gift that you will definitely be wanting to check out all Saturday: MC Larny on Twitter

Monday, December 1, 2008

Blog Report: Week of 12/1/08

Hey everyone, it's another episode of the Blog Report. Sorry I didn't do one last week, but you know, stuff happens.

So as the show gets closer and closer (December 27th, Tom's Gourmet Marketplace, Northborough, MA), it's only getting better and better. The jam sessions are becoming more focused, and more of the band members have been getting involved with it.
I'm honestly more pleased than you can imagine with the assembly of talent in Aces Down. It's like nothing I've ever imagined.

The setlist is also looking very appealing too. I won't give away a single thing here, but there will be some stuff that surprises you....wait and see.

Speaking of the show, I've been reminiscing the past shows I've done since I started this rap stuff...and it's pretty fond memories. While the shows themselves were all spread out and hard to get, it was quite a feel, quite a rush.
Let's take a stroll down memory lane:
  1. October 2005: Town Hall, Northborough, MA: Totally unexpected. The gameplan was just go to a show that some of my friends were playing, and have a good time. Little did I know that I would get my chance to be part of the action. As the story goes, I got called onto the stage by a friend of mine, who was part of a crazy jam band. I freestyled live on stage, captivated the crowd, "accidentally" started a moshpit (believe it), and among other things, proved that this was for real after all.
  2. April 2006: ARHS Battle of The Bands Tryouts: The story behind this: I considered forming a band so that I could try and enter the high school Battle of the Bands. Now, I know you're wondering, "A rapper at Battle of The Bands?!" and to that I say, "Whatever." I didn't care, it would've been perhaps a great way to get exposure on a big scale at that time. I talked to some friends of mine, and we got a 3 piece unit going. We tried out, and everyone who was watching us was feeling it. For a tryout, it was pretty intense. The downside of this: We didn't get in, by 1 little point. Crushing defeat there, but you can't win alll the time....
  3. August 2006: House Party: This show was a mess. There's no way around it. I think this was me at my worse, and not the type of environment I'd like to work in again. Not saying that a house party is bad, it's just that it was a disaster on that one night. First off, the sound system was not what I hoped for. Second, the set was 100% improvised, because of that first issue I touched upon. And of course, there was that one band who was on earlier that took a few shots about me on stage...I think they were called Y.A.F. I don't believe they exist anymore...
  4. November 2006: Yet Another House Party: So after befriending the guys in T.I.P., I was invited to freestyle at a show of theirs. I went, hung out, had one heckua time there. Good times.
  5. January 2007: AHRS Variety Show: Totally awesome. Another one-off band formed, this time a 4 piece, featuring Neil Bsechle, Morgan Thrap, and Mike Corey. Performing the song, When It's Over, off the Enter The Unknown album. A different arrangement and for what it was, it was quite impressive. I'd say that was perhaps my best performance period. And I'd love to do that song again...
  6. June 2007: FSC Orientation: Again, this was one of those "out of the blue" performances. Story is, I was part of a group of freshman who had to create a presentation on a school policy. So I kinda gave the idea of "Let's do a rap song!" 7 minutes later, I wrote a song about some sort of technology policy, and kinda bit O.P.P. by Naughty By Nature. But hey, it was all in good fun man.
  7. October 2008: FSC Open-Mic Night: was a long long time since I picked the mic up again. Long story short, I went through some issues that required me to step away from music for a period of time. I came back in January 08, dropped an album in August 08, and here we are. Feeling as if I needed to get back on the stage, I wrote a song, memorized it in 5 days, and spit it. The crowd was really appreciative, and at that point, I realized that I was right back in the saddle again.
So that brings us to today.... show number 8, for those keeping score at home. It's amazing how over 3 years, you evolve and see yourself change. You see the songs you created evolve, you can feel it happen. You meet people you'd never expect, and you watch people leave your life for periods of time, or in some cases, for good.

But that's enough sentimental chatter from me. It's been a long and crazy 5 years rapping, and here we are. I can't wait for the 27th, to perform with Aces Down, to give people a show that you can't forget.

Peace out,

-MC Larny

P.S. Be sure to click on the banner below.

Or if you can't see it, Add us!


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Aces Down Profile: Ari

Name: Ari Shuris
What I Do: Vocalist/Acoustic Guitar
Influences: Brandi Carlile, Cat Power, Incubus, John Legend
Active since: Writing since I was in middle school, Singing since start of high school, making music 2 years ago
Experience with Bands: No prior experience with bands...just random jam sessions over the years

Reprinted from an earlier post

This semester I feel I’ve finally dipped my toes into the whole music-making thing. As a visual media production major, producing is what I love to do – film, music, poetry…I’ve been singing all my life really, and picked up the guitar a couple years ago, after watching my brother play for 15 years. Whenever I’m back home in Princeton, we jam and inspire each other. It’s a constant growing process. Since I’m away at school, he’s always interested in seeing what I’ve written and I’m always in awe of his raw talent.

I’ve lived in Princeton most of my life. It’s way too small and I’m dying to get out there and to get my work noticed. After school, I plan on moving west where the sun is bright, and where I know I can get a jumpstart on my career. I’m all about living in the now and travel, so I know this plan will be perfect for me as an individual.

After interning this semester at a radio station, I was exposed to so much talent and creativity. I told myself this really was the year to start to start working with people who have the same enthusiastic minds and spirits as me. In the studio, I feel like all I can do is be an artist. This is the only way to be artist. I love the energy that flows in the room. I feel the mutual understandings between all of us…working hard, working creatively, doing it freely. It’s a no pressure zone, but I feel there’s a little bit of pressure...good pressure…to do my best. After all, I am my own worst critic! I am amped on getting my words, voice, and emotions heard. I’ve waited so long for it really…I’ve been holding back for sometime…keeping it private, personal…but my love for it has freed me. _A

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blog Report: 11/21/08

Yep, it's another Blog Report, and like most other things, it concerns Aces Down, for the most part.

Let's start with some bad news. The Ari Shuris/MC Larny collaboration material ain't making it out before 2009. Yeah, it sucks, but in the end, it was all a matter of time, and also putting out a quality product. You'll hear some of that stuff eventually, so just wait. It's still coming...

But the good news is that Aces Down is for real. Yep, it's really looking good. We've done a couple jam sessions with a majority of the band, and I, for one, am very excited for what this collective effort can accomplish.

You'll be hearing about the remaining members of the band in detail during the next few postings. But now, it's time to announce the full line-up of Aces Down....

MC Larny: Rapping

Laura Sacchetti: Lead Guitar/Some Vocals

Chris Tobin: Drums

Brett Banik: Rhythm Guitar/Keyboards

Ari Shuris: Lead Harmonic Vocals/Acoustic Guitar

Victor Bebo: Bass

Niko Matses: Electric Percussion

We even got some jams together recently, and if you're on our Facebook page reading this, check out the music player on the side of the site. If you're checking this out on Myspace, then check out the music player on the main page.

That's all for this edition of the blog report. See you next time.

-MC Larny

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Aces Down Profile: Laura

Name: Laura Sacchetti
What i do: Lead Guitar, some vocals/writing lyrics
Previous experience with bands: nothing that lasted
Active since: 2008
Influences: Alice in Chains, Jimi Hendrix, Tool, Metallica, Led Zeppelin

So about me... I'm Laura, just joined Aces Down, and its the s***. I have played the guitar since i was 12 (i stole my brother's guitar, which i fixed up and perform on today) and i am completely self-taught. I kalso play the piano, which i have been playing it since... well, ever since i could remember. I also attempt singing from time to time.

My style is bluesy-hard rock/metal. I tend to improve a lot of my solos because it just sounds better and more authentic. I like to play loud, and my neighbors surely hate me. ;) rock on.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Aces Down

It's official. The live band is here.

Enter Aces Down.

Now that you know, it's time to take a crash course about each member of the band, one by one.

Starting with: MC Larny!

Name: MC Larny
What I Do: Vocals (Rapping), Beat Assembler
Previous Experience With Bands: Yes
Active since: 2003, officially in 2005
Influences: Public Enemy, Deftones, NIN, Wu-Tang Clan, DMX, A Perfect Circle...

OK then, I'm MC Larny. I'm the guy who brought this band to life, though I really can't say it was all my work. I've been rapping for about 5 years now, since high school, made some CD's here and there. I've also produced all of my music myself too, and while I didn't have a clue what I was doing back when I started, I taught myself, drawing on my influences (too many to name) and my brief experience with musical instruments. As time went on, I got better, and defined a style of production, as well as a rhyming style too. I also learned how to put emotions into the music as well, also basing it off experiences from life as well.

In high school, I played with a few bands that my friends were in, and while none of them actually lasted as long as I wanted to (at best 1 show), they were very inspiring to me to actually make this happen, and put on a great live show. For a while now, I've been patientially waiting to do this, but just couldn't find the right people, and get it going. Finally, it seems that I've found the right people and they all have talent oozing from their pores.

All I know is, that this is exciting and I can't wait for December 27th, when we take the stage. Who know what can happen.....

-MC Larny

Stay tuned for more profiles of the band...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

11.9.08 Update

Ok, this one will be quick but worth reading. The live band for the December 27th show has been set.

The official name of the band is coming soon. So keep your eyes on this space.

-MC Larny

Monday, October 27, 2008

Blog Report: 10/27/08: Holding Paterns

What up people, it's MC Larny with The Blog Report!

This one is on the short side, because things are in a holding pattern. So I'll just rattle off a few points:
  • Modern Day Madness 2.0: Still being worked on, the 1st single probably will be out before the holiday season gets underway. Stay tuned...
  • SHOW ALERT: 12/27/08: The big show, 1st since Jan. 2007, is going down. Tom's Gourmet Marketplace, in Northborough MA, free show.
  • New songs coming?: There's a good shot there may be a new song or a few up on the net in due time. Depends on time, but these songs won't be on the album.
That's all I got, see ya around and check out Myspace, Facebook, Zazzle, and Blogger.


-MC Larny

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blog Report: 10/22/08

Howdy homeboys and homegirls,

It's another edition of The Blog Report with MC Larny! Celebrate...or not.

So this week, a bit of a downer to report. Due to schedule conflicts up the wazoo, Down To Funk will not be the backing band for the Dec.27th show at Tom's Gourmet Marketplace in Northborough, MA. It sucks, but hey, it happens.

The replacements will be mentioned formally in due time. Still trying to work out stuff here and there. the meantime, it's back to work as usual. Mainly, making music and beats again.

Stuff like....

You probably should click on that, to get a better view. But yeah, some of the new beats I've been working on recently have been conceptually epic. We're talking 300-THIS-IS-SPARTAAAAAAA epic.

Probably don't expect any of that stuff to you know, be released in the near future. They are still rough demos, and need to be tweaked. Plus, lyrics ain't even written for it....but it could be just left instrumental, if I felt like it.

Yeah, other than that little thing up there, it's been a quiet week of sorts. Nothing big in the recording department, Ari and I are still working on stuff. It's all a matter of time, and who's got it. Hard to balance school and music, ya know?

Or do ya?

Well, let me elaborate. I've noticed that during this semester in college, I've done mostly stuff involving music, either writing or producing. Being in a single room makes it a lot easier. And it's a lot more addictive too. I'm spending like 6 or 7 days a week working on stuff. It's crazy, because I'm mad dedicated to hip-hop now. Something that I never expected to be this big part of my life right about now.

But I's a causality of the game we willing play.

Yeah, I kinda veered off there.

So I guess for this week's blog report it's.....

Remember to check us out on Myspace (, Facebook (, Blogger ( know.

Peace, and support the locals!
-MC Larny, signing out...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blog Report: 10/14/08: Guest Writer Edition

Howdy peeps,

The Blog Report with MC Larny will not be seen this week....stay tuned for the Blog Report with Ari Shuris, coming up next.

Oh, who's she? She's a creative collaborator of MC Larny who will be joining us onstage and on record this fall.

But now, it's time for her to give her version of the blog report. Make some noise for....Ari Shuris!


This semester I feel I’ve finally dipped my toes into the whole music-making thing. As a visual media production major, producing is what I love to do – film, music, poetry…I’ve been singing all my life really, and picked up the guitar a couple years ago, after watching my brother play for 15 years. Whenever I’m back home in Princeton, we jam and inspire each other. It’s a constant growing process. Since I’m away at school, he’s always interested in seeing what I’ve written and I’m always in awe of his raw talent.

I’ve lived in Princeton most of my life. It’s way too small and I’m dying to get out there and to get my work noticed. After school, I plan on moving west where the sun is bright, and where I know I can get a jumpstart on my career. I’m all about living in the now and travel, so I know this plan will be perfect for me as an individual.

After interning this semester at a radio station, I was exposed to so much talent and creativity. I told myself this really was the year to start to start working with people who have the same enthusiastic minds and spirits as me. In the studio, I feel like all I can do is be an artist. This is the only way to be artist. I love the energy that flows in the room. I feel the mutual understandings between all of us…working hard, working creatively, doing it freely. It’s a no pressure zone, but I feel there’s a little bit of pressure...good pressure…to do my best. After all, I am my own worst critic! I am amped on getting my words, voice, and emotions heard. I’ve waited so long for it really…I’ve been holding back for sometime…keeping it private, personal…but my love for it has freed me. _A


And that was the blog report for this week, hope you all enjoyed the deviation from the norm this week. Thanks to Ari for knocking it out of the the park this week. See y'all next time....

-MC Larny

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blog Report: 10/12/08 (Special Sunday Edition)

Hey everyone,

A little early for a blog report, but does it matter? Especially with the earth-shattering announcement that's about to follow.

LIVE in Northborough on Saturday, December 27th, 2008. MC Larny, Ari Shuris, and Down To Funk, performing together.

It's free to all, and (hopefully), we'll have copies of the new CD with us. Be on the lookout for more updates, and some other stuff.

This show is gonna be huge, in more ways than one.

Yeah that's it, see you guys later on.

-MC Larny

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Blog Report: 10/9/08

Hey yo,

Welcome to another edition of the Blog Report. As always, it's MC Larny, kicking it and whatnot.

So this one is gonna be short and sweet, so let's get into it right now.

It's happening.

MC Larny, Ari Shuris and Down To Funk collaborating together.

What does this mean? Can't say just yet, it's all sensitive as of now, but lets just stick with the classic excuse of "This Will Be Memorable."


MC Larny

P.S: Please check out for more info on Down To Funk.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Blog Report: 10/1/08 (A Day Late, Syndicated From Facebook Version)

Howdy peeps,

So quick question for all y'all?

Do you remember last week's edition of the blog report, how I announced that there was a special guest joining us for the bonus EP being added to Modern Day Madness (which is now in sights for a December release, stay posted for more info).

Well, the wait is over.

After being officially unveiled on the air this Wednesday night on the DNA radio show on WDJM 91.3 (Framingham State College Radio), the guest for this EP, and making her debut is...

Ariana "Ari" Shuris

A good friend of mine who I've known since last year, Ari will be providing her talents for the EP on both sides of the music, in backing music (acoustic guitar) and singing (on tracks I produced).

So yes, this EP is somewhat of a collaborative/split EP, and personally, I am excited and honored to have the talents of Ms. Shuris .

Prepare for a different side of MC Larny, this December.
-MC Larny

Friday, September 26, 2008

Blog Report: 9/26/08

Howdy peeps,

So I'm writing this blog to give you guys the 411 on some of the upcoming stuff I'm working on.

First up: Modern Day Madness 2.0 (End of 2008)

Yes indeed, there will be a physical CD re-release of Modern Day Madness coming by year's end. It's the original album (which is onsale at MP3 Store), with a special bonus EP added to the album.

What's that? You want to know about what's the EP going to be like? Well then, it's going down like this:
  • 6 tracks
  • 3 Acoustic, 3 "plugged in"
  • MC Larny's half: New songs with acoustic guitar
  • Special guest's half: Performing songs over tracks I produced
  • Special guest to be revealed next week

Second: The mixtapes

Yes indeed, a trio of mixtapes are in the works right now. For this one I can give details.

The mixtapes are all going to be "concept mixtapes". That is, each one will have a theme. The themes are undetermined at this time, but if you want to guess, go ahead.

The release dates are not set though, but I can say that you'll know about it soon enough.

Yeah boyeee, that's the blog report this week. Remember to check us out on MySpace ( and Facebook (Facebook search: MC Larny).

Till next week. I'm MC Larny, and this....was a blog.

Monday, September 15, 2008

I Wanna Know....

Do you guys really want an actual physical release of Modern Day Madness? You know, an actual CD.

Well, if y'all want it, LET ME KNOW!

Drop a line and leave a comment.

-MC Larny

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Blog Report: 9/9/08 Edition

Hey everyone,

So judging from the awesome feedback we've heard regarding the new album (available on, I guess it's time to give you guys some updates.

First off, despite the fact that the CD is currently digital only...a physical copy will be coming in the near future, my guess is end of 2008. Can't say if it'll be the exact same CD, or modified...but only time will tell.

Second, and most importantly, the new CD Modern Day 1/3 of a trilogy I intend to complete.

It's not really a conceptual trilogy, but it's more of a loose trilogy, like The Cure (Pornography, Disintegration, and Bloodflowers), or Lil Wayne (The Carter 1-3). The goal is to put out three albums all on three specific dates.

Notice how 8.8.08 all had the same number 3 times? Well then, you've figured out how this will all work.

The next chapter of the trilogy, will be out exactly 1 year from now (Sept. 9th, 2009, or 9.9.09).

For now, that's all I can really say about it. Everything is veiled in secrecy and I'm still trying to figure this all out.

MC Larny

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What does the future hold?

Hey everybody,

So after a whirlwind 2 weeks or so, with the album successfully launching online and the next week, landing on's MP3 Store, I'm writing this feeling really accomplished as of now. Dropping the new CD on was quite unreal, but when it happened, it was truly overwhelming.

So now, the question remains...where do I go from here?

The answer: Up and onward.

As of now, I'm working on quite a few projects...all of which I can't really elaborate on right now, based on the sheer secrecy I intend to keep on this till a certain point. You could say I'm "staying busy" for the time being, and "things are getting exciting".

....OK, I could share with you 1 song, it's a demo beat called "Vanishing Act". Sorry, there's no vocals on the track. Yet. In due time, there may be....or maybe not.

Crap, I've said too much....

-MC Larny

P.S. RIP Leroi Moore

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Modern Day Madness: The Story Behind It All

For this week's blog, I decided to do something a little different. Hope you enjoy.

If there’s anything from making this album taught me, it’s that I can’t keep promises.

If I had kept my promises, then this album wouldn’t exist at all, instead, it would’ve remained in my subconscious till the day I died. Now, I bet you’re wondering why, well here is the reason.

Last summer, while driving to work, something terrible happened. It wasn’t a physical car crash or accident, but rather a mental car wreck. In one sudden moment, my stability came crumbing down. I just couldn’t think straight at all, and I think my musical ambitions had become more than I could handle. So at that point in time, I set in motion my plan to quietly exit the so-called rap game, possibly leaving for good.

For about 6 months or so, I led a quiet and almost pointless life, trying to find something else to thoroughly obsess me, with nothing doing. I stopped writing songs and making beats, and just returned to who I was before I started rapping. Meanwhile, many of my friends that I stayed in contact with were asking if I was still rapping and all that. I told them that I was “taking a break” or “I don’t know yet”.

For that period of time, I was wondering if I was as good as everyone thought I was, and if I either made a fool of myself, or became somebody for once in my life.

Then, in January 2008, something happened. My dad came home one night after picking up a pizza, and he saw a friend of mine working there. Out of curiosity, the friend asked if I was still rapping, and my dad was unsure of my status, so replied with a simple “I don’t know, I think he’s taking a break”. The friend replied by saying, “Well, I thought that his music was really good.”
Suddenly, that cold part of me that pretty much wanted to retire back in that car on that summer day, began to disappear. After mulling it for a few days, I officially announced my return on January 19th, 2008, and slowly began to conceptualize the next project.

At first, it was intended to be an EP of sorts with a full-length coming some time after, but the EP never made it out the hangar. One of the titles that I was bouncing around for the new music was “The Darkest of Afflictions”, a line that I got from a Jedi Mind Tricks song and also accurately described my life from the start of the summer, to the current point in time.

Eventually, I started to write some of the lyrics, albeit in a staggered, stop-and-go fashion, along with the production. To do both was like re-learning how to ride a bike, difficult to start with some falls, but back to full strength in due time.

The writing and beat creation phase of this album went hand in hand. When I started writing the lyrics for the album, I really didn’t give myself any directions on what to write, and for once, I actually wrote more songs based on real-life experiences that I had gone thru since the last album. Ever since the last album, things had changed drastically, and it became obvious that the next project I worked on should reflect those changes. So from late March to early June, the album was in the building stages, with a lot of the beats being made first as a blueprint, with the lyrics being written soon after. After this phase was completed, the next part was to actually get into the studio and flesh out these songs.

Of course, this time around, I really wanted to make an album that didn’t seem like crappy demo recording, so I enlisted in the help of an old-friend, Chris D’Amico (of Detour 45), to produce the album. To be honest, he was the one who convinced me to come back, and he was the one who also managed to get me focused on making this album. So obviously, big time props go out to him, because he pretty much reminded me of who I was, and brought out my full potential. Without him, this album would have never happened.

I hope you enjoy this album and get a memorable experience from it, because when I was making it, I got quite a lot of them. Hopefully, if the stars align, you’ll get to hear some of these songs performed live, or maybe see a music video for one or two songs. Thanks for your continued support, because of you, this album is a reality, rather than a daydream.

-MC Larny

Monday, July 7, 2008

CD Blog: Finished. Done. Complete.

OK, so it's approximately 11:00 PM EST as I write this, but as the title states, the album "Modern Day Madness" is DONE!

As in, the CD is in the home stretch, and it's being refined to (near) perfection as I speak.

So it's awesome, it's all done, and now I'm just awaiting the master copy to land in my hands.

The story should end here, but no.

The CD is still coming out on 8.8.08, in one way or another. But as of now, a physical release is looking quite hazy.

Reason: I'm going to be candid, and tell it like it is. As it stands, I'm currently without a job, and I have no income. Consequently, whatever money I have left has gone into paying for studio time, which was well worth it, but left me in a rough situation.

So now, the CD is complete, but the problem is "How is it coming out? How are people going to get it?"

Right now, I'm playing around with every option I could think of, but I'll admit, it's tough.

In summary, 8.8.08 is still the release date, and the finished product will be out somehow, in some form, one way or another... I just pray to God that everything works out.

-MC Larny

P.S. Oh I almost forgot... I have a short paragraph regarding the new album, printed below. Be sure to read it carefully, especially the bold parts.

Welcome to the world we live in, the MODERN DAY MADNESS where
everyone is suspect to being YOUNG AND STUPID, FASHIONABLY UN-TRENDY,
and other such things. The world will seem UNREAL, with MC's
of EL DIABLO and THE SUBTLE ACT OF BETRAYAL cast upon close friends.
This world may have you screaming "WHERE DOES IT END?" only for you
to discover that it is merely an INTRO to everything else.
Consider this to be your first, last and only warning....

Saturday, July 5, 2008

CD Blog: Progress Update

OK, so last week, I didn't make a blog. My bad. I was kinda occupied.

But I guess, now I have something to talk about this week. Simply enough, it's the album progress update.

This past week, we hit the studio to tighten up some of the album, and record some new songs, here and there.

As it stands now, this is how the CD looks so far:

  1. Beats: 100% complete

  2. Writing: 100% complete

  3. Recording: 90% complete

  4. Total: 96% complete

Pretty good so far, it's in the home stretch. Hopefully, by next week, I can come back here and say "It's Done!".

Shocking how within 2 recording sessions, the full album is nearly complete.

So next week, expect a new blog, and maybe something else...

-MC Larny

Saturday, June 21, 2008

CD Blog: Lyrical Stylings

Howdy peeps,

Hope you're all enjoying the summer and whatnot, seeing that as of now, it's summer! (Yeah, for real this time.)

So in this week's edition of the weekly blog, I'm gonna take a look into the second half of how a record gets made. Last week, I went in-depth with how the beats have evolved and the creation of said beats.

Now, as you may or may not know, a hot beat is only as hot as the lyrics that go along with it. (OK, I understand that in 2008, lyrics don't mean jack in songs now, it's the beat and the dance moves...but I think the lyrics always have to be the forefront of a hip-hop song.)

So when I do a song, oftentimes I have a concept of what the song will be about thought up in my head, then I either get on the computer and type it out, or grab a notebook and write it out.

The thing that's really hard when it comes to writing is that it's gotta be natural, as in, I write whenever I feel like it. So that could be while playing a videogame, watching TV, being at church, riding in the car, in a class, wherever.

Here's an example of a handwritten, yet unrecorded song from 2005:
Go ahead, bite this, it won't get you anywhere, sucka MC's!

So as you see there, the lyrics there were an example on spontaneous writing.

OK, I think that I've given out enough information. Next thing you know, I'll be giving out my formula for song writing....

But that's enough knowledge for now, so I'll veer into the obligatory promo:

Modern Day Madness: 8.8.08
1st Single: "Young & Stupid" Out Tuesday for Free Download!

So yeah, be sure to check out the new single on Tuesday, and share it, rip it, just get it out there to people...

See ya in a week,
MC Larny

Saturday, June 14, 2008

CD Blog: The Art of Beatmaking & The Art Of Evolving

What's up people? Yeah, it's my blog. A weekly update, on the album Modern Day Madness (dropping 8.8.08, 1st single out on 6/24).

So this week, I decide to take you inside the every so interesting world of beatmaking, and show you how the music has evolved since 2005.

Let me give you a short description of my past setups from the 1st album to right now.

Straight Outta Nowhere:

  • FL Studio 5

In The Paint EP:

  • FL Studio 6

  • Sony ACID XPress 5.0

Enter The Unknown:

  • FL Studio 7

  • Apple GarageBand

  • Sony ACID PRO 6

Modern Day Madness:

  • FL Studio 8

  • Apple GarageBand

So as the discography grows disc by disc, the production of the albums have advanced. Of course, all the beats have been done by me since when I started out, so the evolution is even more apparent.

For example, the 1st CD was me trying to make beats out of random noise and drum tracks.

Now, the beats have become actually structured, with breakdowns, chorus sections, intros, outros and whatnot.

If I had to trace my influences to how i make beats, it would come from the following :

  • Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind (Jedi Mind Tricks)

  • RZA (Wu-Tang Clan)

  • DJ Premier (Gang Starr)

  • Madlib

  • The Bomb Squad (Public Enemy)

  • Dr. Dre

  • Rick Rubin

Production is the 1st step in making an album, it serves as the blueprint, it gives a sense of direction to write by and keep the albums cohesive.

So yeah, that's my blog on beat production. Next week, I'll discuss another art, "The Art of Writing".


P.S. Go Celtics, LA is going down!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Just by looking at that poster should explain quite a lot.

Yeah, that's right, a new album. On August 8th, 2008.

10 tracks. No collaborations. Expect the unexpected.

Release info will be announced shortly, the 1st single will be "Young and Stupid", coming out in 2 weeks.
-MC Larny

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Frustrations of A Madman

Wow...I don't know, but I am just frustrated right about now. It's a Saturday night, and school is just about over, and yet, I just can't be happy.

It's all of this stuff happening all at once. I have no income, I'm nearly broke, finals to study for, final projects....

And the fact that I've run into the same roadblock that almost made me give up rap music has reappeared: Getting a live show that's on my terms.

It's hard, considering that the town you call home, and the surrounding towns around you, are not hip-hop friendly. Sure you could play with a hardcore/metalcore/screamo band, but you notice how hip-hop and screamo/hardcore/metalcore just don't mix, right?

Just another layer of frustration and a bonafide lack of sanity to help me out during finals. It'll be miraculous if I come out of FSC fine this week.

Songs of the Blog Post: Diary of A Madman- Ozzy Osbourne/Rock Bottom- Eminem


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Summer?! Now?!

Ok, so it's been approx. 3 months since I updated the blog, guess I've been too busy doing other things (i.e. nothing).

But I guess I might as well fill you in on what I'm up to, and what I may be up to.

  1. Finishing freshman year: Yeah, that's the top priority right now, with 2 exams, and 3 projects due. Overwhelmed? Nope. But burned out? Yes.
  2. Employment: TBA. I really hope I have a job so that I can afford a couple things.
    1. Rock The Bells 2008: Pharcyde, Nas, Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Immortal Technique, Raekwon + Ghostface, Method Man + Redman.....
    2. Hollywood's onslaught on my wallet: Iron Man, Dark Knight, Incredible Hulk....
    3. Videogaming's onslaught on my wallet: GTA 4, Burnout Paradise, Rock Band, Ninja Gaiden 2....
  3. Something involving MC Larny: Well, that's the plan. It's actually still pending right now, so I can't elaborate on the details. But this summer will be an interesting one.

Ok, that's all I got. Peace.


Monday, January 21, 2008

Not Over Yet

Over the past few months, people have been asking "Hey Larny, are you still rapping?" or something like that.

My reply has been at best : "Not really, I'm kinda taking a break."

The reason why I took a break from this is a shocker: I totally lost my heart and passion for making music sometime after I dropped my last CD. I was really disappointed that I couldn't get my best work out to more people, and that I kinda felt as if I failed myself.

Also, I went through some serious self doubt issues, where I truly second-guessed my skills and if I was as good as people said.

So I took a hiatus from it, and thought everything over.

Now, I'm ready to say this: It's Not Over Yet.

So consider this an advance notice: MC Larny is back, but this time, evolved. One way or another, either by myself, or with a band, there will be new songs from MC Larny in 2008....


-Larnel Jones a.k.a MC Larny

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