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Monday, December 5, 2011

the winds of change


I'm stunned. The news broke last night and I still can't believe it. Things are going to change, as I'm now the new member of SWEETDICULOUS.

Yeah, this is very exciting and I am very hyped up for this. Dan's been the one guy who's helped MC Larny re-emerge from years of inactivity to being a guy people notice. Figures that I'm now returning the favor.

When he asked to work with me, I didn't think twice, this was an automatic yes. Even though I have a small clue towards the role this entails, I know that I'm behind the sound this time around, and I'm knowing full well I'm going to have a fun time working with the guy who's become my musical brother.

Now, this does leaves a lot of questions. Specifically, what's the fate of MC Larny, the collab project with Mojo Kick, and a few other things?

To be brutally honest, I want MC Larny to live on and this is the best chance to do this. Not only do I make music in a new capacity, but it totally opens up MC Larny to a new audience. It's a win-win scenario.

Also, I'm going to do all that I can to keep MC Larny and all that goes with it alive and well, as hard as I can. So expect to hear/see the MC Larny/Mojo Kick collab project in a few. We're working out a few kinks here and there, but it's potentially on the way. Def stay tuned for that.

I'm ready for perhaps the craziest phase of my career. And I hope that if you read this, YOU BETTER BE THERE FOR THE FIRST SHOW! I want to see people from nearly every phase of my life in the audience for this...I'm dead serious too.

So brace yourself, MC Larny is going to get Sweet-flipping-diculous.

-MC Larny

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