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Monday, January 6, 2014

Project Nightmare Evolution : How It All Came Together (And Nearly Fell Apart)


After the launch of Project Nightmare 36(5) last year, there was a lull. The year-long production cycle of 36(5) was over, and it was more of a relief for me, because the project didn't wind up being a manic rush to the finish line like the majority of the series has been.

I was trying to find the next twist in the series. What's going to change this series for the better? What stylistic change will be the best and not the one that compromises it?

While I pondered it, mired in the still-ongoing production of N0_HER0ES and various remixes and reinventions (including a spell as DEF 85), I allowed influences to enter my circle and began to ponder, what is the one thing I haven't done?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What's so new about New Years?

Hey hey!

So it's 2014. And obviously, it's a new year, happy new year.

Now that's out of the way. Let's get to the down and dirty.

2014 is going to be a year of changes. Some of them well over-due, others a bit harder.

To start, the production of N0_HER0ES is mostly coming to a head as of next week. Tracking all the solo songs next week and trying to squeeze in the 2 guest verses as well. The beats have been totally finalized, some songs have been cut in length and things have been added to it. A couple of road tests (specifically, collaborator feedback) and some songs were good but needed to get better. So the delays have helped...somewhat.

Also, a note about the song "The Story"...I'm scouting for someone to take over the role of guest vocalist for that song (original choice dropped out last month). Obviously I'm willing to sacrifice a timely release in exchange for the songs being presented as they should be. Could lead to some interesting possibilities.

On that note....there's a few other things at hand. One of them being...Project Nightmare.

By now, you may have already seen or heard the new installment, Evolution. If you have, I thank you for it. I had a lot of fun staying up till 4AM last night finishing that for your pleasure!

Ahem. Exhaustion notwithstanding, I think there's a good chance that Nightmare 7 (yes, I've already thought about it)...will probably be a ways off. However, a follow-up to Evolution, (R)Evolution is in the works,and this one...ooh boy it's a doozy.

Remixes. By friends. This could be bad or really good.

Ok, the negative post wasn't needed. But yeah, that's one of the many changes bound to happen, along with a few others I can't say right now...or maybe I can.

OK, so this entire "start a band for shows" thing didn't work. At all. I'm very frustrated at it.

So I need a solution. Either this goes all-supergroup and becomes low commitment with a finite number of shows planned for 2014 with the band (hint: count on one hand) or we keep on grinding trying to find a solution, or just say screw this and go back to the PA and myself bullcrap everyone else does.

Sorry, I'm trying to craft my own lane here. Don't mind me...

Ahem. More negative postings.

What I really meant to say was that if it happens, odds are it won't be all that often.

OK, that's all I have for now. Happy New Year, we out.

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