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Monday, May 7, 2012

blog report: falling off the map


so after a few weeks of not blogging, here we are, back on it. with that noted, some things have changed here and there. specifically the EP Confessions After Dark being delayed.

when I planned to drop it in May, I had no idea that the months before it would become so busy and so full of everything else. like the new band(s) forming like Voltron and pretty much taking over my life for all of April. so it became quite obvious from listening to the demos, the takes we had, that it was the better option to re-do everything so far, with better gear and a better focus in place.

i don't like to give out tentative dates of projects that can easily change dates so i will stay with that policy until I know for sure that Confessions is done and ready.

the gameplan for this summer is to re-record most everything, maybe re-write a few songs to tighten up the concept of the EP, we'll see what happens.

now that I mention it...summer 2012 is shaping up quite nicely. the big plan is shows, big shows, small shows, impromptu shows, slightly illegal shows, private shows, no shows!

OK, forget the last one but you get what this is all leading to. performances of all varieties. hopefully the first of many will be on june 6th. and i do know that the last lineup I was with is going to be a part of this.

hopefully this will be better than the last time....

and the next thing I might as well tell you about is Project Nightroid. Coming in July, and it's going to be something that is bold, daring and out of this world.

next Nightmare 365 clip is coming end of next week.

be on the lookout for Deaf by Misadventure.
-mc larny

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