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Monday, April 12, 2010

Why Look Back? Let’s Look Forward…

Dang. So here we are at approx, 5 years since MC Larny started up.

5 years. Not like it’s a huge achievement. But rather, a checkpoint. A way of knowing where we’ve gone, and where are we going next.

We’ve gone thru, 3 albums, an EP, 2 mixtapes, a few shows here and there, multiple collabs with friends and peers, a few bands, 2 hiatus periods, and a ton of notebooks. Seems like a lot, when you take all the people, memories, and events that are wedged in-between April 2005 and April 2010.

It’s scary to look back and see how much things have either stayed the same, or changed radically. And yet, here we are, looking backwards to see where we’ve been…and now, it’s time to look forwards.

Let’s cut to the chase: Four projects are being worked on, a new Project Nightmare installment (May 18), 2 new EP’s (TBA 2010) and now…”Project 4”.

Project 4 is…

A new full-length album. Something that I’ve been working at for months. A concept album.

It’s called “The Imperfect Dialogue”.

Expect it (and this here is an estimate) very late 2010. 2011 even.

Maybe even “When it’s done”.

There will be lots more info in the coming months. Enjoy the wait.

-mc larny

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Project Nightmare 2.0 Preview


As promised, here’s a sneek preview of the upcoming, 85-percent-done, mixtape. Dropping on May 18th on Enjoy!

Project Nightmare 2.0.

For a majority of my life, video games have been embedded in a lot of my upbringing. I have vivid memories of my 1st video game experience (Final Fight, Caldor, Westborough, MA in 1992), my 1st system (Game Boy, which I still have), and the 1st time I bought my own game system (Game Boy Advance SP in March 2003).

Needless to say, the games I play are extremely inspiring to me at times, either with their gameplay, their graphics and especially the music.

The History

I started Project Nightmare last year as a side-project to play around, to make crazy stuff that wasn’t concerned about perception. After Project Nightmare dropped on New Year’s Day…I asked myself, “What could I do for a follow-up?”

No answers for a month or so. Then, one day, it came to me. A tribute to video games. I was really skeptical about it, but as the days went by, and the jam sessions got more and more intense, it became comfortable.

It was the most fun I’ve had making music in years. I cannot wait to drop this in about a month’s time….so excited!

To Be Continued…

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