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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Show #11

Speaking to you guys on 3/31, Thursday morning, and getting ready for a big time show rehearsal. SO excited.

If you can make it.... come to All Asia in Cambridge MA, Sunday at 3PM. 7 bucks. All ages. Get ready.

-mc larny

Friday, March 11, 2011

how 2 = 1

anyone remember hearing about this project called "Reconfigured Memories"?

and anyone else remember hearing about a new album called "Over The Edge, Under The Knife"?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My wild night in Boston (AKA Show No.10 Recap)

10 shows. Each one had a different personality, but last night's.... was the wildest of them all, from the actual trip there to the end of the show.

Let's begin with the details:
*1st time a show has happened with a gap of 3 months in-between
*2nd DJ show
*1st time I've performed at the same place twice in a row
*Played with: SWEETDICULOUS, Outa-My-Mind, Ricky Sanchez, etc.

The actual journey itself was, to be honest, a string of accidents. That did not result in failure.
Trying to catch a bus to Kenmore Station was bad. We were on the wrong street....and we didn't know it. Trying to flag down #57 was pain. Insane pain. We reconvened at my vehicle after 3 buses passed by, and decided to take an extreme gamble: drive to Eliot Station.

Relying on memory and recognition of familiar sites, we drove down, as I slowly put my memories to work in the dark of night. Another mistake as I drive past the exit, deciding to abandon my memory and trust another sense.

Bad mistake.

Alas, I got my senses back and returned to the actual route.  It worked and with Dr. Dre in the background, we arrived at Eliot, missed 2 straight trains and finally got on the D-Line for Boston.

We meet up with Dan from SWEETDICULOUS and off we go!

It's show time in about an hour for yours truly.... and the other acts playing were great, got a kick out of Ricky Sanchez and Outa-My-Mind (complete with robot dancer!), and SWEETDICULOUS was great and intense as usual.

Then, it was on.

With a few words, I introduced myself and dropped the new song, "Feels Like..." for the first time ever. We do have audio/visual evidence, and it will be online soon. Just hold tight.

To be honest, I doubt that was the best performance or way to show that song. However, listen to it for yourself....what did YOU think?

Anyways, the show was 20 minutes long, and I also brought out the remix to Legend of Zelda as well, with a small technical error at the start. However, it really went over with the crowd.

17 minutes and we were done. Great times, and to add even more awesomeness...we shared the train with Outa-My-Mind. Fun fun fun.

I'd say, this show ranks in the Top 5. A good night had by all.

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