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Friday, June 19, 2009

Blog Report: 6/19/09

Work continues on "The_Endgame". It's getting somewhere again, and now we got a roadmap, a target to shoot for, and a conceptual vision. The instrumentals are being fine-tuned, over and over so that they bang….they bang HARD. I would put it at a 90% completion phase right about now, and if the pace remains the way it is, it'll be 100% by the start of July.

Also, the mixtape is doing well too. It's all instrumental jam sessions, and it'll be out in July. Release details will be unveiled shortly. Don't worry, it'll be something easy and accessible.

coming to a headphone near you (art subject to change)

CLIP SHOW: Friendship or Fatality

The victorious return of the Clip Show, and this week, it's time for MORTAL KOMBAT! Or, a good reason to use voice clips in this week's clip. It's a slither, so enjoy the 19 seconds you get.

Now I might as well delve into a story I read today on Yahoo! News. This woman was sued by the RIAA for file-sharing, and she's been ordered to pay them 1.92 million dollars.

Yes, 1,920,000 bills. Over the downloading and sharing of 24 songs. Now maybe I'm looking at this the wrong way, but when you look at all the money involved, isn't it a bit odd that the artists are not mentioned at all in this discussion? Don't they deserve a cut of the bogus settlement, seeing as how they preformed, wrote and created the "pirated" works?

Makes me wonder, and this is my theory: Artists should be happy that people listen to their music in any way. We can measure how many people buy it, but truly, do people actually buy music to listen to it, or buy it for the sake of buying? Think about that, and shoot me an opinion, I'd like to hear someone's perspective on the matter.

And with that, I ain't got much else to say, y'all continue on.

-MC Larny

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Blog Report 6/5/09: The Endgame Starts. Who Wants to Play?


Another Blog Report, another week down. So for those who read the blog last week, I said that I would be giving up the goods on something in the next installment.

Well, who am I to lie? Here it is.

With "The_Endgame" project underway, there came about an excessive amount of ideas that didn't fit the core objectives, the overall sound that I was aiming for. There were a lot of instrumentals that came out of this, and most likely, beats that I was making for fun. So what does this mean?

An instrumental mixtape called "The_Endgame : ALPHA". Coming next month. Stay tuned.


-MC Larny


P.S. The actual project is still being worked on. I'll say more about it in a few.

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