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Monday, April 25, 2011

update: when things go bad, they go bad...

yup, the laptop is now under repairs but it's not what happened last time my machine went down that led to "the_endgame" going to the great big gig in the sky. just not looking forward to the train wreck of reinstalling 2 years of VST FX and instruments and getting the past projects to play nice. gah, technology is cramping my style...

in more positive news: i got some killer tracks coming down the pipe, a remix here, a "future project" in the works, etc. y'all stay cool.

and i'm out like the Knicks.
-mc larny, one love

Monday, April 4, 2011

Show Number 11: Live From The All Asia....

Hey kids, adults, and the young at heart,

So coming off another good night, here's the show recap from #11: All Asia, Cambridge MA.

Fun Facts

*First show ever in Cambridge, MA
*First show done during the daytime
*First show held on a Sunday
*3rd show in 4 months (new record)

The Journey

Unlike the last show, there were no transportation mishaps. However, this one was more long-distance, starting out from Northborough, ending at Eliot Station. However, thanks to cool weather, and a great pre-show soundtrack of Megadeth (Youthinasia FTW) and DMX to accompany the drive, it was less pain, more pleasure.

Arriving at the station with big duffle bag of keyboard, laptop, CD's, and Flip Cam (credit to Greg F for the loan), it's time to board the D Line and head off to Cambridge.

After a close call with the bus (nearly took the wrong bus, but saved myself via instinct), it's time to arrive. All Asia, you ready for me?

Guess so. After a quick check of my gear and ID, I'm in. Hanging out with my homies in SWETDICULOUS, Outa-My-Mind and some new peeps in AOD (who complimented me on my DX shirt, it was Wrestlemania Sunday, I don't front....), waiting for show time. And then, things changed.

Originally expecting to be #2 in the order, I'm #1. I'm opening. Cool... extended set? Yup.

So it's time to get it started....

The Show/Setlist

First track I dropped that night was a remix of Mega Man X3's Blizzard Buffalo, from Project Nightmare 2.0, which you can get by clicking here. It was a better executed version, more guitar heavy and adding glitch and acoustic to the mix, with a heavier drum sound, so it was a mix of speed metal/glitch/game/acoustic/electronica. 

Also, this marked the debut of a new addition to the live show:
Never expected that? No one else did. Mainly for effects manipulation and soon to be more...maybe next time....

But back to the show, after my usual DJ set got underway (and a DOPE co-sign by the owner!), I broke from the gameplan and let the crowd know....

"You know, for the past 3 months, I've been a DJ. And yet, I still have the MC title. So you know what, for the first time in 2 years, you're getting the MC."

Words can't express how dang nervous and excited I was to do that. I've been planning it for the past few months, trying to build confidence, and also figure out how this'll all work in a live setting. I've been fortunate to have friends backing me instrumentally.... tonight, I'm on my own.

So I begin with a new track, Slow Fast Death, which was in the works since 2009. Part of the " backwards/forwards" release. I'd say, this went over real well, with an old-school cut to warm the crowd up.

Then, I went into "feels like", 2nd time ever. And I say, this was really solid, much improved over the last time. 

But alas, when things go great, they must go bad. Such was the outcome with the next (and last, thanks to the loading time) song in the order.

Loading issues pushed the last song back. Which sucked...but the ensuing performance was worth it. The NIN elements were on full-display, as I re-introduced the world to Modern Day Madness. First time solo, last time was with my old band... 2 years ago. Radically different version, I know. With updated lyrics too.

And that was it for me, my limit of time was reached. I thanked the crowd, packed my gear and got off stage.

  1. Project Nightmare DJ Set [Blizzard Buffalo/Windmill]
  2. Slow Fast Death
  3. Feels Like
  4. Modern Day Madness [Version 2.0]

After I close out my show, I stay around and snap some pictures of the other bands, talk to some peeps, watch the Celtics game, and finally depart round 7:30PM.

Closing notes:
  • Sound isssues eff'd things up. For a lot of people, but they still got it done.
  • Ricky Sanchez, can't stress this enough, was the Act of the Show. He DJ'd, screamed, and played the snare drum. All in his set. I knew from that point, I needed to step my game up :)
  • Got some great feedback from people, and even some constructive criticism too. Very encouraging, and to be honest, MC's out there reading this, when someone says something that isn't positive and is actually critical, allow them the time to talk. They want the best, and so do you.
What's next?

Well, I'm working on prepping for #12, which could be this month. Not sure, working it out, but it will be unique.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned as always!
-mc larny, exiting stage right....

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