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Monday, December 5, 2011

the winds of change


I'm stunned. The news broke last night and I still can't believe it. Things are going to change, as I'm now the new member of SWEETDICULOUS.

Yeah, this is very exciting and I am very hyped up for this. Dan's been the one guy who's helped MC Larny re-emerge from years of inactivity to being a guy people notice. Figures that I'm now returning the favor.

When he asked to work with me, I didn't think twice, this was an automatic yes. Even though I have a small clue towards the role this entails, I know that I'm behind the sound this time around, and I'm knowing full well I'm going to have a fun time working with the guy who's become my musical brother.

Now, this does leaves a lot of questions. Specifically, what's the fate of MC Larny, the collab project with Mojo Kick, and a few other things?

To be brutally honest, I want MC Larny to live on and this is the best chance to do this. Not only do I make music in a new capacity, but it totally opens up MC Larny to a new audience. It's a win-win scenario.

Also, I'm going to do all that I can to keep MC Larny and all that goes with it alive and well, as hard as I can. So expect to hear/see the MC Larny/Mojo Kick collab project in a few. We're working out a few kinks here and there, but it's potentially on the way. Def stay tuned for that.

I'm ready for perhaps the craziest phase of my career. And I hope that if you read this, YOU BETTER BE THERE FOR THE FIRST SHOW! I want to see people from nearly every phase of my life in the audience for this...I'm dead serious too.

So brace yourself, MC Larny is going to get Sweet-flipping-diculous.

-MC Larny

Thursday, November 3, 2011

And Here We Are...

Things are getting wild. Very. And I could not be happier. Big collab projects with friends, a possible new twist in my music career, and other things.

Be aware, it's time to get wild.

-mc larny

PS. Nightmare IV is almost ready to roll. And the untitled stop-gap EP is too.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nightmare X: postmortem

What a long, strange, almost forgotten trip it has been.

For those who aren't in the know, it's Project Nightmare X I'm speaking of.

Sunday night, it was completed. After 4-5 months of sessions, mixing, busted laptop, and gradual leaking of the project via, it was done.

Now with that, here's a little running commentary track-by-track, so refer to the player atop and follow along (sorry facebook viewers).

Dr. Light's Warning: The lead-off track for this whole project, I remember composing before the announcement dropped that Nightmare X was out. Right with the write-up, it was being tweaked on FL Studio. Then, it was done, after a quickie tweak mix session.

Abandoned Highway: In a nod to Mega Man's NES roots, the opening was done with mostly NES/Game Boy soundfonts, then for the second part, the other instruments came roaring in to emphasize how this was indeed a new Mega Man.

Zero's Theme: This one was unique, because instead of going all guitar and bass and heavy,  took it more of a Asian/Jazz fusion route. Very different, and that was what I was trying to do, make it different from everything else, you know?

Short Circuit Breakdown: Ouch. This was rough to mix because the synths and guitars didn't like each other in terms of mixing, and the drums were either too soft or too loud. A compromised was reached and it worked out. I would hope so.

The glitch breaks were a fun thing to add. I love glitch, and the glitch drum breakdown was so rewarding. It just worked perfectly.

Ice Planet: This track right here...I liked it, but it's a decent attempt at emulating Mega Man X's Chill Penguin stage. Notice the end, the nod to Blizzard Buffalo? There's a lot of nods towards the other tracks of the series.

Sting Chameleon: In the vein of the Zero theme, I took it to a more chilled, more unplugged, more Asian feeling with a mix of acoustic guitar. A left turn from the bound-to-be-expected guitar heavy tracks on here.

Jazzy Kuranger: Now THIS was where this whole project clicked. But here's some background for you:

2 years ago, I saw this version of the theme.

Dope, isn't it? So 2 years later, I gave it a try, only throwing in my hip-hop teachings and crafting a crazy re-imagining of a great BGM.

Funky Flame Mammoth: This one turned out fine, a mix of NES and funk organs and live guitars lead to this. I enjoyed it, but in looking back, I would believe there's more that can be done with this theme.

Rolling Base Drops: I tried dubstep...? Yes. Feel like I'm adding to the problem but whatever. Enjoy the experiment.

Submerged: Hard with the bassline, heavy with the drums, great turnout, and listen for the X2 nod near the end. Guess what track I borrowed from?

Airspace Rock: Face it, you HAVE to rock hard with Storm Eagle, it's a federal offense if you don't. And seeing as how much I dislike felonies...I did, just not off the bat.

Boss Battle: The one theme I went all out with. I held nothing back and executed every idea I could muster. Bassline and xylaphones? Check. Halftime drums? Check. Guitar chugging? Check PLUS!

Sigma Stage I: Personal favorite track of the entire project, because it was the rare moment where my crazy ideas paid off and in grand fashion! You can see things begin to loosen up here and there and the freedom begin to shine through.

Sigma Stage II: Very jazzy. That's been me as of late, jazzing it out with my remixes. I just play off vibes and make music like that. Fun fun fun.

Sigma Stage III: One more full on reinvention. Totally different structure basis and a more ambient, film vibe, that may remind you of the soundtrack from Dirty Harry. Or at least, that was my reaction....

Sigma Stage IV: Revisiting a similar theme I did on Nightmare 2.0 only longer. This time, short and to the point, quick build, quick exit.

Sigma Boss Battle: 3 into 1. Barely got it to work but I did.

Ending/closing: the end of it all, and at this point I was tired. Really tired, and so this was lacking a sense of innovation, but the closing of the entire project in summary was so important to me. So it was a combination of two themes into one and it worked as a nice calm down from it all.

Final thoughts: Project Nightmare X was made to take a peek back into my childhood and this game. I believe that it was successful and worked out really well. I'd love to tackle the future, not now, too much to do man :)

Thanks for reading, we'll be back in effect for Nightmare IV.

-mc larny

Musical Manifesto

For about 2 years now, I've been in a phase of sonic experimentation, a phase that has been one of the more eye-opening experiences in my career.

Since I started making music, I've been in this bubble of what music should sound like, trying to stay within the right "genre". As I've met more and more people, been involved in more and more projects, and heard more and more songs, I realized something about 1 year ago.

The entire notion of musical genres is stupid. It's stupid to believe that one artist cannot expand their barriers to encompass multiple genres and do it right. It's stupid to close yourself to one genre in an attempt to galvanize fans into saying "i'll never sell out". it's stupid to allow conventions to kill ideas that you come up with.

I learned this when over the past year, I met so many different musicians and saw an abundance of styles that I felt as if, being closed off to genres that are outside the "hip-hop" comfort zone no longer works.

I personally, want to work outside of the genre I'm in, I want to make music with the rockers,  the indie acoustic people, anyone.

In a way, I'm still a hip-hop artist, and I always will be, I won't ever become something I'm not (a straight singer, per se), but when it comes to music I make, anything's fair game, genre wise.

I feel as if the way hip-hop is no longer as awesome as it once was is because it's become the same cycle of MCs, producers, DJs that work in the industry that innovation no longer exists. Collab verse by Drake, hook by Skylar Grey, beat by Alex da Kid, cut, copy, print.

[bleep] that!

For me, I'm always wanting to work with the people that I admire, the friends who I know will go just as hard as I will in regards to music.

So with that said, get ready. It's time to get with the outside world.

-mc larny

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Silencia Q & A, Or At Least A Hypothetical One

Silencia by MC Larny

Q: What is this?

A: Silencia was a mood song, something that gained a ton of steam in a very short period of time (half a day)

Q: Who made the beat? I love it/hate it/think I can do better

A: I did, obviously.

Q: Why did you make it, exactly? What lead to it?

A: I was lounging around, and I started to just make this beat, and as the hours wore on, I had something really solid. Really good. Initially thinking this was a simple instrumental, I started writing lyrics for it and before I knew it, it all came down and just had a song there, on my laptop itching to be recorded.

Q: I get that, so about the recording thing...

A: Well, let's be honest. Haven't recorded anything in 3 years. 3 years. I've been itching to really get my rap game back on track and so far, I've come close. Did 1 show where I rapped 1 track, another where I rapped 3 tracks.... the itch came back. And if I get a creative itch, I'm going to scratch it. Believe it.

Q: OK, so on to the song...any lyrics laid down?

A: Not yet. But soon, very soon.

Q: What's the meaning of it all?

A: It's not going to be on any album, it'll be a single. Maybe it will be remixed for other uses... we'll see.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

blog report: summer of fate

hey everyone,

so for those who have been reading the Facebook page and Twitter feed in the past week, you heard the rumblings, the announcements...

that "remix project" isn't so secret now. it's featuring me, and SWEETDICULOUS and it's not what you expect, from either of us.

no promises to make at this point, but I can say this is probably one of the more insane things I've ever done or tried to do in 6 years.

next post: more background on how this crazy idea came to be...

in the meanwhile, project nightmare X is rolling along nicely. by mid-august, the 8 Robot Masters will be on Bandcamp, for your listening pleasure. so stay always.

-mc larny

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another Night in Beantown: Show Report


Here we are, another show report to get through, and this time, it's a bit more lean than usual.

The details:
Where: Boston, MA
When: 6.27.2011
Type of show: Basement show

Did you know...
  • first summer show since August 2006
  • 3rd basement show
  • Latest start to a show (9PM)
The show:

Hanging out in Boston for a cool hour or so waiting for my homie Dan to show up, it gave me some time to finalize and plan out some things here and there. Of course, it changed, but getting that time is crucial.

Sitting outside a pizza parlor watching people walk by, instruments in tow is one of the more inspiring things I have seen in the course of my music career. Just goes to show you how much people dig their craft and want to chase it.

Things finally get started at 9PM, but wait...the PA system is FUBAR. so yeah, no lyrics tonight. it's back to instrumentals tonight. still fun, but I had a gameplan of sorts for the night.

The Setlist I Was Thinking Of...
  1. Intro
  2. Nightmare Set
  3. Grave Thief
  4. Feels Like [Vampire Killer Remix]
  5. Freestyle Interlude
  6. And Through It All
  7. Silence
All new stuff...but hey, sun don't shine all the time.

So we get started, but the amp is too loud and distorts the intro. Boo.

Then, I get stalled with transitions. That's on me. Strike dos.

Down 0-2, the crowd is needing to head out, and I need a HR bad. So after setting things on auto-pilot, here comes the Stutter Edit FX...

and boom goes the dynamite.

Must've been all the jam sessions I've heard about from my friends back home, or just the smell of the air (people gotta smoke, and I'm no hardliner either), but I came up with something crazy and live that saved the show.

So what do I think? I think it was a moment, one that says I need more work on my craft, but also says I'm ready for whatever.

Let's hope there's another show this summer. Either someone's gonna get it together or I'm going to throw it myself, in my backyard.

OK, that's a little crazy. But you never know :)

MC Larny

Friday, June 17, 2011

blog report: steady on the front

greetings true believers!

OK, enough of the Stan Lee intros and back to the real. it's been an interesting month to say the least, not much to say, but I believe I now have a real good outlook on what's in store, and where this music stuff is heading.

a little more collab heavy, but you know what? it's fun. that first taste of teamwork and accomplishment set something off, and it's hard to turn back.

as such, i'm taking my times with the EPs, the beats are FINALLY ready to go for 4 of the 5 tracks, and it's looking positive. a very hip-hop like EP i might add, lack of the really spacy stuff, essentially it's as close to "The sound" as possible, and I could not be happier about it.

backwards/forwards still lives on, just has been stalled with my attention being focused on another project, which once the details are finalized and it's right...sooner or later, we'll all know what happens when worlds collide.

keep it locked here, on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and whatnot. peace.

-mc larny

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

blog report: shows and shows galore.

hey all,

quickie update: another show is upcoming. it's confirmed I'm doing another basement show June 4th, and I'm hoping to make my NH debut sometime this summer. details to come, but hey, this time, it'll be open to the public.

also: nearing the preliminary point where I can actually bring out this HUGE collab project. not yet there, but keep on checking back as the time draws near.

finally, uglyside is just about ready to be vocally recorded. here's hoping.

see you later
-mc larny

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

blog report: the summer is upon us.


so after a hairy encounter with finals and whatnot, the music is back and it's better than ever. quite a few big things happening right now, and I can't really speak on it until I know it's happening, but let's just say, the amount of legitimacy around here is going to 109%.

prepping for what may be a huge summer. let's get it.

-mc larny

p.s. backwards/forwards, uglyside, beautifulside and project nightmare x are still happening.

Monday, April 25, 2011

update: when things go bad, they go bad...

yup, the laptop is now under repairs but it's not what happened last time my machine went down that led to "the_endgame" going to the great big gig in the sky. just not looking forward to the train wreck of reinstalling 2 years of VST FX and instruments and getting the past projects to play nice. gah, technology is cramping my style...

in more positive news: i got some killer tracks coming down the pipe, a remix here, a "future project" in the works, etc. y'all stay cool.

and i'm out like the Knicks.
-mc larny, one love

Monday, April 4, 2011

Show Number 11: Live From The All Asia....

Hey kids, adults, and the young at heart,

So coming off another good night, here's the show recap from #11: All Asia, Cambridge MA.

Fun Facts

*First show ever in Cambridge, MA
*First show done during the daytime
*First show held on a Sunday
*3rd show in 4 months (new record)

The Journey

Unlike the last show, there were no transportation mishaps. However, this one was more long-distance, starting out from Northborough, ending at Eliot Station. However, thanks to cool weather, and a great pre-show soundtrack of Megadeth (Youthinasia FTW) and DMX to accompany the drive, it was less pain, more pleasure.

Arriving at the station with big duffle bag of keyboard, laptop, CD's, and Flip Cam (credit to Greg F for the loan), it's time to board the D Line and head off to Cambridge.

After a close call with the bus (nearly took the wrong bus, but saved myself via instinct), it's time to arrive. All Asia, you ready for me?

Guess so. After a quick check of my gear and ID, I'm in. Hanging out with my homies in SWETDICULOUS, Outa-My-Mind and some new peeps in AOD (who complimented me on my DX shirt, it was Wrestlemania Sunday, I don't front....), waiting for show time. And then, things changed.

Originally expecting to be #2 in the order, I'm #1. I'm opening. Cool... extended set? Yup.

So it's time to get it started....

The Show/Setlist

First track I dropped that night was a remix of Mega Man X3's Blizzard Buffalo, from Project Nightmare 2.0, which you can get by clicking here. It was a better executed version, more guitar heavy and adding glitch and acoustic to the mix, with a heavier drum sound, so it was a mix of speed metal/glitch/game/acoustic/electronica. 

Also, this marked the debut of a new addition to the live show:
Never expected that? No one else did. Mainly for effects manipulation and soon to be more...maybe next time....

But back to the show, after my usual DJ set got underway (and a DOPE co-sign by the owner!), I broke from the gameplan and let the crowd know....

"You know, for the past 3 months, I've been a DJ. And yet, I still have the MC title. So you know what, for the first time in 2 years, you're getting the MC."

Words can't express how dang nervous and excited I was to do that. I've been planning it for the past few months, trying to build confidence, and also figure out how this'll all work in a live setting. I've been fortunate to have friends backing me instrumentally.... tonight, I'm on my own.

So I begin with a new track, Slow Fast Death, which was in the works since 2009. Part of the " backwards/forwards" release. I'd say, this went over real well, with an old-school cut to warm the crowd up.

Then, I went into "feels like", 2nd time ever. And I say, this was really solid, much improved over the last time. 

But alas, when things go great, they must go bad. Such was the outcome with the next (and last, thanks to the loading time) song in the order.

Loading issues pushed the last song back. Which sucked...but the ensuing performance was worth it. The NIN elements were on full-display, as I re-introduced the world to Modern Day Madness. First time solo, last time was with my old band... 2 years ago. Radically different version, I know. With updated lyrics too.

And that was it for me, my limit of time was reached. I thanked the crowd, packed my gear and got off stage.

  1. Project Nightmare DJ Set [Blizzard Buffalo/Windmill]
  2. Slow Fast Death
  3. Feels Like
  4. Modern Day Madness [Version 2.0]

After I close out my show, I stay around and snap some pictures of the other bands, talk to some peeps, watch the Celtics game, and finally depart round 7:30PM.

Closing notes:
  • Sound isssues eff'd things up. For a lot of people, but they still got it done.
  • Ricky Sanchez, can't stress this enough, was the Act of the Show. He DJ'd, screamed, and played the snare drum. All in his set. I knew from that point, I needed to step my game up :)
  • Got some great feedback from people, and even some constructive criticism too. Very encouraging, and to be honest, MC's out there reading this, when someone says something that isn't positive and is actually critical, allow them the time to talk. They want the best, and so do you.
What's next?

Well, I'm working on prepping for #12, which could be this month. Not sure, working it out, but it will be unique.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned as always!
-mc larny, exiting stage right....

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Show #11

Speaking to you guys on 3/31, Thursday morning, and getting ready for a big time show rehearsal. SO excited.

If you can make it.... come to All Asia in Cambridge MA, Sunday at 3PM. 7 bucks. All ages. Get ready.

-mc larny

Friday, March 11, 2011

how 2 = 1

anyone remember hearing about this project called "Reconfigured Memories"?

and anyone else remember hearing about a new album called "Over The Edge, Under The Knife"?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My wild night in Boston (AKA Show No.10 Recap)

10 shows. Each one had a different personality, but last night's.... was the wildest of them all, from the actual trip there to the end of the show.

Let's begin with the details:
*1st time a show has happened with a gap of 3 months in-between
*2nd DJ show
*1st time I've performed at the same place twice in a row
*Played with: SWEETDICULOUS, Outa-My-Mind, Ricky Sanchez, etc.

The actual journey itself was, to be honest, a string of accidents. That did not result in failure.
Trying to catch a bus to Kenmore Station was bad. We were on the wrong street....and we didn't know it. Trying to flag down #57 was pain. Insane pain. We reconvened at my vehicle after 3 buses passed by, and decided to take an extreme gamble: drive to Eliot Station.

Relying on memory and recognition of familiar sites, we drove down, as I slowly put my memories to work in the dark of night. Another mistake as I drive past the exit, deciding to abandon my memory and trust another sense.

Bad mistake.

Alas, I got my senses back and returned to the actual route.  It worked and with Dr. Dre in the background, we arrived at Eliot, missed 2 straight trains and finally got on the D-Line for Boston.

We meet up with Dan from SWEETDICULOUS and off we go!

It's show time in about an hour for yours truly.... and the other acts playing were great, got a kick out of Ricky Sanchez and Outa-My-Mind (complete with robot dancer!), and SWEETDICULOUS was great and intense as usual.

Then, it was on.

With a few words, I introduced myself and dropped the new song, "Feels Like..." for the first time ever. We do have audio/visual evidence, and it will be online soon. Just hold tight.

To be honest, I doubt that was the best performance or way to show that song. However, listen to it for yourself....what did YOU think?

Anyways, the show was 20 minutes long, and I also brought out the remix to Legend of Zelda as well, with a small technical error at the start. However, it really went over with the crowd.

17 minutes and we were done. Great times, and to add even more awesomeness...we shared the train with Outa-My-Mind. Fun fun fun.

I'd say, this show ranks in the Top 5. A good night had by all.

Friday, January 28, 2011

the beautifulside of ugly: exposed

I've often been told that of the songs I've performed... the softer, more mellow tracks better demostrate my skills and voice. Which I find weird, because odds are, it's one of 2 things.

1) I'm putting one of my friends on a track for a collab and said friend is not of the same genre.

2) I'm a sucker for acoustic.

But anyway... for what's it worth, when I conceived uglyside and beautifulside last year, it was more of a resumption/reboot of an earlier idea that I had going very well, but technical issues ruined that one (there's a good chance 2-4 of those unfinished songs pop up on a setlist....stay tuned). The idea: 2 EP's, each one of them different in sounds and lyrical tone.

Imagine, if you will, a museum with two exhibits by the same painter. They look too radically different to be seen together side by side, so for the sake of the audience, said pictures are in different halls.

Now apply that, to two EP's. EP #1 is nearly completion (I'm dead serious. The production phase is over, lyrics are done, recording is the next step.... here's hoping Spring Break's a working vacation). EP #2.... well, that's a different story.

EP #2 is something radically different. An EP with all live instruments, no loops, no MIDI, no samples, nothing  like that. An EP that's unplugged, acoustic, because the lyrics work so much better this way and forces focus on them primarily.

As you can tell, it's not easy. Hard to, when gathering the people necessary to make this work is rough and tough to pull off. So I've been busy, creating the arrangements of these tracks myself, to streamline the process.

How goes it? Well.... tough, trying to leave the sample sound in exchange for a (temporary) MIDI sound. But I'm determined to drop this by next year, impossible odds notwithstanding.

Even if I have to go all Everlast and pick up guitar myself. Don't hold me to that.

-mc larny

p.s. you want in? leave a comment, this project needs acoustic guitars, piano, percussuion/drums, and backup vocals (play and singing = huge bonus)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Reconfigured Memories

It's something that I've been asking myself for the past 3 months. What if...what if you went back to a few select songs you made while you were inexperienced and did them over again with your new experience and lessons? You know, improve upon past songs?

I've considered it. And you know what? I'm doing it. As fond as the memories are of recording a few tracks in the early years, it should be noted that it's not easy...nah, it's downright impossible to hear myself again.

So for the sake of improvement and also saving a few good songs from being lost forever.... it's time to go back and re-do a couple of earlier songs, and also bring out some rarities.

I know I want to do Modern Day Madness again, same goes for Chillin' Like A Villain and When It's Over.... and lucky me, I have a notebook of tracks I wrote, never recorded that are up for grabs too. Maybe this is a chance to...oh, i don't know....bring some friends along for the ride?

Hopefully. Because I can't sing, and When It's Over was heavy on the singing...

No date yet, BTW. This could take awhile.... but I will tell you's started.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Blog Report: New Year, New Music.


What a way to end 2010. Seriously, you can't compose a better ending than that. A show (!), 2 mixtapes in 1 week (procrastination is my homeboy), and a lot of things coming together.

Let's start with the show, a.k.a The Show You Never Knew About Till Today. Long story short, I performed for the first time ever, solo, and instrumentally, at a private NYE party. 1 hour set, and for someone who had no clue going into this how to pull off an instrumental set.... I did pretty well.

Check, very well. Well enough to have virtually everyone say my set was the best that night (not me saying it, the audience of 15-20 people).

I love it. So much awesome for a show like that, and now it's opened a lot of doors.  

Future instrumental shows? Sure, why not.

And in other news, Project Nightmare 2.5 and 3 are now BOTH available on

Check it (sorry Facebook users)

Now on to the EP's.... I got a gameplan. Odds are, both will be out separately digitally, then a few months later, limited run physical CD version of the two together.

So now it's time to take a nice, well-earned breather. See you later on in 2011, with news on the Re-imagined Memories project and news on the new album(s).

Happy New Fear...I mean, Year.
-MC Larny

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