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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Musical Manifesto

For about 2 years now, I've been in a phase of sonic experimentation, a phase that has been one of the more eye-opening experiences in my career.

Since I started making music, I've been in this bubble of what music should sound like, trying to stay within the right "genre". As I've met more and more people, been involved in more and more projects, and heard more and more songs, I realized something about 1 year ago.

The entire notion of musical genres is stupid. It's stupid to believe that one artist cannot expand their barriers to encompass multiple genres and do it right. It's stupid to close yourself to one genre in an attempt to galvanize fans into saying "i'll never sell out". it's stupid to allow conventions to kill ideas that you come up with.

I learned this when over the past year, I met so many different musicians and saw an abundance of styles that I felt as if, being closed off to genres that are outside the "hip-hop" comfort zone no longer works.

I personally, want to work outside of the genre I'm in, I want to make music with the rockers,  the indie acoustic people, anyone.

In a way, I'm still a hip-hop artist, and I always will be, I won't ever become something I'm not (a straight singer, per se), but when it comes to music I make, anything's fair game, genre wise.

I feel as if the way hip-hop is no longer as awesome as it once was is because it's become the same cycle of MCs, producers, DJs that work in the industry that innovation no longer exists. Collab verse by Drake, hook by Skylar Grey, beat by Alex da Kid, cut, copy, print.

[bleep] that!

For me, I'm always wanting to work with the people that I admire, the friends who I know will go just as hard as I will in regards to music.

So with that said, get ready. It's time to get with the outside world.

-mc larny

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