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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

31 Days of Madness

In anticipation of Project Nightmare 3...31 days of madness all thought the month. So here's how it breaks down:

  • New clips ranging from :30 to 1:30 every day
  • New full length tracks on the weekends (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday)
Get it? Great. We kick off tonight. Stay tuned.

-mc larny

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blog Report: Update for those who ain't up on things...

1. December is a Nightmare: Project Nightmare 2.5: The Lost Levels (12/2010) and Project Nightmare 3: Scientifical Madness (New Year's Day 2011). 2.5 is inching closer to completion, 3 is at the tail end of composing.

2. 2 EP's will see the light in 2011: So I am a dirty liar. I promised two EP's...and nothing yet. Rest assured, it is still alive. And still kicking.

3. The Imperfect Dialogue: It's got a start, a climax, and multiple endings. 2011 release...very late I might add in that year.

4. Live extension: Can't say...but something's happening.

That's it...I'd elaborate more, but less is more.
-MC Larny

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blog Report: Sober October (Updates)

OK OK OK...I have been AWOL from blogging recently. But I will make up for it right here, right now.

  1. Project Nightmare 3 is dated. New Year's Day 2011. And it's looking to be epic in the scope and length of which I'm taking it. 
  2. I've said it once, I'll say it again...the EP's are STILL ALIVE. They are just held up in perfectionizing right now, heck, one of them is 100% done in lyrics and beats, the other is ideallly done, but still needs work.
  3. The Imperfect Dialogue is under way. It's got a start, a middle, and an ending. Just a matter of getting there. 
  4. Lotsa possible side-projects. I can't speak on them now because they are all rough around the edges, and/or not yet ready for the public, but it is different.
  5. Live? Don't hold your breath (but feel free to do so) Taking my dear sweet time with the aspect of a live show, because I want to do this right. I want to do this so that it's effective. Needless to say, it is a temporary compromise between what I want, and what I can do currently.
Stay tuned for frequent updates on Project Nightmare 3.

And I'm outta here like Randy Moss (too soon?)
-mc larny

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Blog Report: Calm Before The Storm

Gonna make this quick, because there ain't much to say right about now... but yeah, the EP's are still on, just trying to do it right (duh), the album is on the way (planning to really get it started after the EP's get done), and uh, Project Nightmare 3 is on the way.

Believe it, it's unlike anything you could imagine.

Hoping for big things to go through in the fall, and winter. Stay tuned as always.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blog Report: Lotsa News

Previously on the Blog Report: Shifting schedules up and down.

And now, The Blog Report.

OK… so a lot of things have happened recently in the world of MC Larny. Most of them, good. 1st off, is the Project Nightmare 2.0 TURBO mixtape.

I originally said that it would be out in late July. And… it ain’t here. Fear not, there’s a logical explanation for it. I’m having way too much fun making it that I put it off till 8/15, when it’ll be done and out on Seriously, it’s almost criminal to be enjoying this work so much.

Next up: the uglyside of beautiful EP. They’ll be an instrumental teaser track on Friday. So yeah, you’ll hear as much as I want you to. Which is enough to make you want it. The only problem is with recording the vocals for it. I have a majority of the lyrics done, just some revision is needed, and then, recording time (that is, if college life doesn’t drive me to destruction once again). I don’t have an idea when it’s coming out now. I want it out in fall, but we’ll see when recording goes down.

…you still awake? OK, just checking.

Next in line is: the beautifulside of ugly EP. Well, this one is stalled. Hopefully, it’ll move forward in the fall. Maybe a bundled release of the 2 EP’s will be better…

Now, on to the concept album. The Imperfect Dialogue is in constant motion, but it keeps on getting bigger and bigger with the scope and ambition of the story. I don’t want to say too much about it because it’s one of those things where you promise something that may not come to pass. Needless to say, I’m not the type of artist/rapper who claims this will “end careers” or “track 1 is better than most artist’s whole albums”… rather, I let the product speak and throw in a few words if needed.

So what can you take away from this? No promises, no expectations. Just the music itself.

OK, that’s done. Now… on to the last bit of news.

I’ve entered the world of beat making, for real now. Got a soundcloud and slowly posting tracks up. Must have been all the work on Project Nightmare, but hey, I love doing it, and it’s good to work with other people… most of the time.

OK, I’m out. Talk to you later on, on Friday to decipher the teaser instrumental track.

-MC Larny

Friday, July 9, 2010

Shifting Schedules


Project Nightmare 2.0. TURBO!! Mario Edition is coming in about 3 weeks.

Uglyside of beautiful EP is now TBA 2010. Still alive, I assure you.

Everything else is the same as usual.

We cool? Yeah, we cool.

-mc larny

Monday, June 7, 2010

Blog Report 6/7/10: All on the Table


So with Project Nightmare 2.0 out now on, it marks another instrumental project done and out the gate for me. Which is good. Now with that mini-diversion concluded for the time being, it's time to go back to the lyrical half of MC Larny.

I'm sure you're wondering "What was with those instrumental mixtapes? Aren't you a rapper?"

Well...I still am, just been away from it due to a lot of things, personal issues being one of them. Hard to think of song lyrics when the world is coming unglued all around you. But I digress, I was also trying to find a focus point for the next slate of efforts, a unifying theme to hold them together.

This leads to my next point: the EP's are on the way. Uglyside of beautiful is 1st up and it's more standard fare, with a hint of evolution thrown in. Imagine a dream, a recurring dream you have for nights at a time, and if you can visualize it, then this is what the EP's about. It's based on reality (yeah...I really had these dreams) and if all works'll be out in August 2010 (heh, August...the same month I dropped my 1st and 3rd albums). Still trying to figure out how exactly it's coming out, but I want to do a limited physical CD run with a digital release. Depends.

Also on the docket is future live shows. I've been yapping about it for months now, and to be honest, I'm confused with what exactly is the best option for this. I want to bring my live band back...not with the same members, but i'm not at all sure if I can find people who want to do it and have the time. Let's face it... for my career, every show I've done has been with live instrumentation, I just work better with it, more energy, more freedom, and a better show to boot. Not to say that the standard DJ and MC combo is something I'm adverse to... I'm open to it, if I find the right person to work with, someone who I can trust, someone who knows what to do, and how to do it well.

Now...on to the other 2 projects. The Imperfect Dialogue LP is still being worked on. Got a lot of work to do still, with most of the instrumental songs in 1st draft mode. I can say that it'll be a big release with no rush to drop it...when it's done, it's done. The gameplan is to start vocals on that bad boy after the completion of 1 of the 2 EP' once that goes down, the album will hopefully fall into place.

The 2nd EP, the beautifulside of ugly, well, that one is looking real good right now. I'd say more about it... but to be honest, everything is still tentative, so to not jinx it, my lips are sealed. You will hear more about it in the upcoming weeks.

And to close things out, work has begun on a real website. Yes...a real website. Not done yet, but it will be up and running by late fall 2010.

Enjoy yourselves, the fun has just begun....
-MC Larny

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Character Writing and Full Albums

How interesting…

Past few days, I’ve been looking and reading over the lyrics I’ve written for this concept album, and just general “jam songs” I wrote that don’t fit the 2 EP’s or the album. It seems that writing about characters I make up, instead of the standard hip-hop lyrical topics (sex/drugs/money/grinding/girls/violence/bragging/etc.) has made writing more exciting than ever now.

There’s more possibilities to it now, more paths to take, and more of a desire to create a narrative than to just make an album that has 3 singles, and 9 filler tracks.

Which brings me to my next point: I’m reading and seeing a disturbing trend in music nowadays…the death of the album.

Gone are the days of a 60 minute banger from track 1 to track 12. Now, it’s more akin to a math equation:

ALBUM = Intro+Filler+Single+Collab+Filler+Single+Skit+Filler+Filler+Skit+Collab Single+Skit+Ending

See what I’m getting at? “Albums” are like badly made sandwiches…the good stuff buried underneath layers of useless filler that doesn’t sit well.

Sadly, it’s because of us musicians making bad albums and expecting people to pay 14.95 USD plus tax that albums are now heading to the grave. Once Napster came up, that was it. Game over for the album.

It was revenge overdue for the consumer who bought garbage albums. The con game was over, and the cheated got revenge, by getting what they wanted for free. Now, you see the music industry push acts who can move singles and ringtones, and move 10 mill. However, the album comes out and BOOM… 75K moved within the time the single moved 10 mill.

So I’m thinking about this as an artist working on a piece of work that can’t be sold individually. They have to be together to work, to make sense. Makes me pensive about putting it on iTunes…if I ever did.

I love iTunes, but with all the other sites out there, like, I can just set my own price, do giveaways, add bonus tracks, and other stuff. Also, you can mandate “full package downloads” which makes this album a lot easier to market.

On that note, I say “peace”. And hopefully, this summer micro-tour works out. 2 years is not too long to go without a performance…just like not drinking water for 4 weeks is just ok.

[end sarcasm]

-mc larny

Saturday, May 1, 2010

blog report: progression


With the summer of 2010 in the fore-front, things are starting to pick up…finally. After the lull of winter, the road to [insert random goal here] is just beginning. And from the looks of it, this could be a really good summer, I just have the feeling it will be.

First off, Project Nightmare 2.0. Almost done, mixing for the next 2-3 weeks, and then, only then, will it be unleashed.

The beautifulside of ugly/The uglyside of beautiful are also somewhat done, but not completely. One has all the lyrics in place, one has all the beats in place. All it needs is the missing components, and I’m going to be a betting man and say uglyside will drop 1st. Just seems more likely, based on the factors involving it’s production and recording.

The Imperfect Dialogue, oooh boy, that is the BIG one. It’s already been announced it’s going to be a concept album, it’s mostly in place, from a rough draft perspective, and if you get lucky and download the new Project Nightmare 2.0 mixtape in May, you may get a little taste of this new album…

Now, on to other things:

Summer shows, well, that is pending. Hopefully, there will be a few. And hopefully, you can hear some of these new “re-imagining” of old MC Larny songs. Because I’m hyped to perform these songs…very hyped.

Stay tuned for that, once I get the “right things” in place, then the shows will (hopefully) come up. Cause and effect, friends, cause and effect…

No promises though, because with my luck, things will get ugly. And fast. Here’s hoping that don’t happen.

And I’m out like the OKC Thunder (95-94 loss to LA? SMDH)

-mc larny, representing from the right place, at the right time

Monday, April 12, 2010

Why Look Back? Let’s Look Forward…

Dang. So here we are at approx, 5 years since MC Larny started up.

5 years. Not like it’s a huge achievement. But rather, a checkpoint. A way of knowing where we’ve gone, and where are we going next.

We’ve gone thru, 3 albums, an EP, 2 mixtapes, a few shows here and there, multiple collabs with friends and peers, a few bands, 2 hiatus periods, and a ton of notebooks. Seems like a lot, when you take all the people, memories, and events that are wedged in-between April 2005 and April 2010.

It’s scary to look back and see how much things have either stayed the same, or changed radically. And yet, here we are, looking backwards to see where we’ve been…and now, it’s time to look forwards.

Let’s cut to the chase: Four projects are being worked on, a new Project Nightmare installment (May 18), 2 new EP’s (TBA 2010) and now…”Project 4”.

Project 4 is…

A new full-length album. Something that I’ve been working at for months. A concept album.

It’s called “The Imperfect Dialogue”.

Expect it (and this here is an estimate) very late 2010. 2011 even.

Maybe even “When it’s done”.

There will be lots more info in the coming months. Enjoy the wait.

-mc larny

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Project Nightmare 2.0 Preview


As promised, here’s a sneek preview of the upcoming, 85-percent-done, mixtape. Dropping on May 18th on Enjoy!

Project Nightmare 2.0.

For a majority of my life, video games have been embedded in a lot of my upbringing. I have vivid memories of my 1st video game experience (Final Fight, Caldor, Westborough, MA in 1992), my 1st system (Game Boy, which I still have), and the 1st time I bought my own game system (Game Boy Advance SP in March 2003).

Needless to say, the games I play are extremely inspiring to me at times, either with their gameplay, their graphics and especially the music.

The History

I started Project Nightmare last year as a side-project to play around, to make crazy stuff that wasn’t concerned about perception. After Project Nightmare dropped on New Year’s Day…I asked myself, “What could I do for a follow-up?”

No answers for a month or so. Then, one day, it came to me. A tribute to video games. I was really skeptical about it, but as the days went by, and the jam sessions got more and more intense, it became comfortable.

It was the most fun I’ve had making music in years. I cannot wait to drop this in about a month’s time….so excited!

To Be Continued…

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blog Report 3/13/2010: Shedding Some Light


Quick question…who here remembers the last Blog Report? Anyone…anyone…Bueller?

Played-out jokes aside, if I recall, the last post was focusing around the 4 projects currently in the works, with promises of updates.

Well, hold on tight, because for 3 of the 4 projects, it’s time to let the world know what’s really going on.

Behind door #1…Project Nightmare 2.0: It’s Just A Game

  • Following the format of the 1st Project Nightmare installment, PN 2.0 is yet another mixtape of instrumentals, distributed freely.
  • The theme for this installment is video games.
  • Coming late May 2010 on

But wait'…there’s more! Door #2… the uglyside of beautiful

  • A fresh new EP with a few new songs. Nothing too out of the ordinary.
  • Production is 65-75% done.
  • Coming Summer 2010 (release formats TBD)

And the last project behind door #3 is… the beautifulside of ugly

  • The twin sister/brother to the uglyside of beautiful. Only this one’s more…personal. And deconstructed.
  • Currently in writing mode. Instrumentation is being ironed out.
  • Coming Summer 2010 (release formats TBD)

Oh yeah, about Project 4… well, I really want to wait and keep you guessing on it. Because I don’t like saying things I can’t live up to…and this is a little project I really want to get out in the best way.

We cool? Yeah.

That’s all for me…see you next time.

-MC Larny






Thursday, March 4, 2010



So the new EP, "the beautifulside of ugly" is in production right now. And it turns out, I need some help.

I wrote this song called October Sky (not based on the movie, FYI) and I composed this part that sounds really good...just not if it was rapped out.

So here's the idea: I need a really talented female singer (who knows what they're doing) to sing this part. Here's the lyrics with the part highlighted (copyright MC biting)

Watch this empire crumble underneath it’s own weight
Trying to prevent the inevitable, fighting a war against fate
It’s the end of a dream, dying in my hands
A lifetime of hope that slips like time’s sands
I knew today would eliminate tomorrow by design
I could’ve prevented this, but I was delusional, at the time
With all that’s transpired, I just want to expire with my disgrace
Fade out without a doubt in my mind, I’m not going to see the end of this race

And this ghost of you haunts me, underneath the October sky
I can still see this all, in the back of my eye
I wish you would leave, believe that I don’t care for you
But my lips can’t be trusted, and these careless whispers are untrue

The silence is deafening, and I am without my sanity
My reflection distorted, no honesty, just the picture of vanity
A picture of everything that could’ve been, should’ve been
The fact that I threw this away on a whim, for something where victory is so slim
This reflection lies to me, at the moment I need that truth, that proof
That where I’m going does not include us, just myself in solitude
The disconnection is so abrupt and sudden, it could be rude
But I have to, for myself this time

(chorus 2) x2
Where have you run to, where have you gone?
My fears have come true, we won’t be together for long

Standing over the mess I’ve created, I hate it
Every inch, every second, I look back and I flinch
It was never supposed to end like this, I whisper to a chorus of ambience
And then, this decision all makes sense
This city is so beautiful, especially in the night
It looks so much more wonderful, when it’s burning so bright
As I see everything I care about leave my life in minutes of ignition that loses control
A ghost rises from the ashes, that has become a parasite, feeding off my soul
And now the memories are the poison, I fear I can’t find a remedy
When the October sky hangs overhead, I hear the ghastly melody

(Chorus 3)
And this ghost of you haunts me [Where have you run to…]underneath this October sky
I can still see this all [where have you gone…] in the back of my eye
I wish you would leave [My fears have come true….] believe that I can’t care for you
But my lips can’t be trusted [we won’t be together for long] and these careless whispers are untrue

Sounds good? Then here's what I need:
  1. Record a demo version of just the highlighted parts. Do it the way you feel would be "best" for the song.
  2. Sound quality isn't an issue. If I can hear you, then good.
  3. Email it to "m.c.larny at". Subject Line: October Sky Demo. Have a return address included, and if you have a MySpace or another website to display your music, include that in the email.
  4. If it sounds like what I'm thinking works, I'll contact you and you'll be invited to record.
So...let's hear what you got. Good luck to all of you (or in this case, any of you).
-MC Larny

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blog Report 3/2/2010: Putting Work In…Again


So after a full month of no Blog Report….we got one for ya, in March. And this time, I’ll try to be less spotty about updates.

  • 4 projects are currently in the pipe-line. One of them is Project Nightmare 2, and that should drop in May.
  • The other 2 are EP’s. Hoping to drop them as bookends (read: summer 2010)
  • And the last one…oooh lordy, that’s a doozy. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when I do say something about it.
  • I opened a Tumblr (which is right here) for demo showcasing. It’s easier and it works 500x better than updating Reverbnation and having it not sync to the FB News Feed. So do check it out.

Now, on to other things. Reading about the Waka Flaca/Method Man nonsense made me think about it…and here’s what I have to say.

At least he was honest. At least he said he wasn’t lyrical. At least he told us now…so in 6-9 months, whenever he drops something, we don’t have to check for his releases.

“But…but. he’s makin’ money, why you hatin’?

You do know who else in the “hood” is making money…

Drug dealers. Pimps. Prostitutes. Where’s their celebration? Oh, I got it…it’s not there. Everyone has their opinion, and for Waka Flaca…quick tip.

Anything you get from your music, better save it and invest. Otherwise, you may wind up forgotten and robbing banks to get by like this guy right here.

And another thing….who the $^&* signed off on the “We Are The World” remake? That is pitiful. And here I was thinking Hollywood was the only major entertainment industry capable of ruining classics via remakes….

OK…so that’s it for my ranting self this issue.

In the meantime, check out these links right here:

Tumblr Demo Showcase






Until next time….

-MC Larny

Friday, January 22, 2010

Project Nightmare Follow-Up Blog Post

Hey guys and gals, MC Larny here. Hope you enjoyed and downloaded the new mixtape called Project Nightmare: Shut Up Make Music.
If you did, then awesome. Deeply appreciate it. And yes, I mean that.
Now on to other things….and that is regarding the mixtape. I feel as if that was merely a “teaser trailer” to a larger project. I’m not sure if this will happen anytime soon, but I want to do Project Nightmare 2. One thing: it has to be different. Somehow, it has to be something else, something that I’ve never done before.
R & B songs? Acoustic songs? Songs with live instruments? A mashup EP? A mixtape with nothing but Auto-Tune vocals?
Honestly, I do want to do something involving a second installment in Project Nightmare. I like the name, and c’mon, who else doesn’t do mixtape series? Some guys drop 1 a month! Of course, quality dropoff is quite likely, but that’s the risks of the game.
In all seriousness, most likely Project Nightmare 2 is going to happen sometime in the future. Not now, and most likely not by the end of the 2nd quarter of 2010.
And it will be different, that is a promise.
-MC Larny

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