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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blog Report: Lotsa News

Previously on the Blog Report: Shifting schedules up and down.

And now, The Blog Report.

OK… so a lot of things have happened recently in the world of MC Larny. Most of them, good. 1st off, is the Project Nightmare 2.0 TURBO mixtape.

I originally said that it would be out in late July. And… it ain’t here. Fear not, there’s a logical explanation for it. I’m having way too much fun making it that I put it off till 8/15, when it’ll be done and out on Seriously, it’s almost criminal to be enjoying this work so much.

Next up: the uglyside of beautiful EP. They’ll be an instrumental teaser track on Friday. So yeah, you’ll hear as much as I want you to. Which is enough to make you want it. The only problem is with recording the vocals for it. I have a majority of the lyrics done, just some revision is needed, and then, recording time (that is, if college life doesn’t drive me to destruction once again). I don’t have an idea when it’s coming out now. I want it out in fall, but we’ll see when recording goes down.

…you still awake? OK, just checking.

Next in line is: the beautifulside of ugly EP. Well, this one is stalled. Hopefully, it’ll move forward in the fall. Maybe a bundled release of the 2 EP’s will be better…

Now, on to the concept album. The Imperfect Dialogue is in constant motion, but it keeps on getting bigger and bigger with the scope and ambition of the story. I don’t want to say too much about it because it’s one of those things where you promise something that may not come to pass. Needless to say, I’m not the type of artist/rapper who claims this will “end careers” or “track 1 is better than most artist’s whole albums”… rather, I let the product speak and throw in a few words if needed.

So what can you take away from this? No promises, no expectations. Just the music itself.

OK, that’s done. Now… on to the last bit of news.

I’ve entered the world of beat making, for real now. Got a soundcloud and slowly posting tracks up. Must have been all the work on Project Nightmare, but hey, I love doing it, and it’s good to work with other people… most of the time.

OK, I’m out. Talk to you later on, on Friday to decipher the teaser instrumental track.

-MC Larny

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