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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blog Report 3/24/09: Putting Work In

Howdy fly girls and guys, it's the Blog Report.

After an interesting 2 weeks, quite a lot of work has been put into "The_Endgame" project. I can now say that a firm base for at least 50% of the project is in place. Thanks to all the non-stop creative groundwork being laid down for this, the vision I have for this is becoming fleshed out more and more as time progresses. There is a lot to the songs this time, things I haven't done with my music ever.

No, I have not dropped the mic and picked up a guitar, switched vocal styles to accommodate Auto-Tune, ripped off old pop songs and put rapid-fire lyrics to it, or anything that would constitute trying to sell more records. But it is different, while keeping the MC Larny DNA entact. A challenge to say the least. It's all about control, to sum it up. Self-control of yourself in tight situations, control of emotions so that your heart and mind don't switch places, and remember to play their positions. It's a matter of balancing the world around you.

With that said, I might as well delve into the lyrical content just a bit. This is the heaviest and also darkest musical project I've created, and to be honest, I would not have it any other way. I believe that people should always do what they say in their music, and not fake it, if they are speaking of themselves. I can understand playing a character and metaphorical usage, but let's be honest here: If music is a combat sport, it's comparable to MMA and not pro wrestling. You don't fake things, you let them know about what's really happening in your life, no matter what. But I digress.

Also, as it stands now, the project does not have any collaborators. Again, I personally want to hold down this project by myself, based on the personal nature of all the songs in development.

Also, to keep y'all occupied, every week till this project drops, little snippets of songs will be popping up on the music player. Sure, it's small, but it will keep the veil of secrecy over the final product and at least I can update the page with new songs every week, therefore hooking you in for the long haul. Plus, you never know what the clips could be….they could be studio out-takes, small bits of a song in process

I guess, at this point in the picture, I would be asked by the captured superhero what my plans for world domination entail, in an attempt to foil me. Well, I do have somewhat of a world domination plan.

It's called "Add Day". The goal: to get 200 friends on Myspace, or 50 fans on Facebook. The date for this will be 3/31/09, because April Fool's Day is not a day to make power moves. Expect event invites/bulletins to spread around in the coming days. And to coincide with this, I'm putting out a sampler called "The_Retribution" which is a free online sampler made for sharing with friends and loved ones. That will be up in the next week, so be sure to check it out!

Finally, I am working on a street team, and I need members. So if you want to inquire, and get in on something cool, CLICK HERE. I really need members, so please sign up!

Thanks for reading, and we'll be back in a few, probably next week.

MC Larny

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Blog Report 3/8/09: Changes

Hey everyone.

I've had some time to think, consider, reconsider, and think again about what the future holds with my music. I've been fortunate to hear a lot of varied suggestions from people close to me, and with their suggestions, I've come to a decision.

2009 from this point on is all MC Larny. I think I need to strip it down to pure basics and for now, stay solo. I've noticed that when I work solo, I have no restrictions to adhere to, no multitude of people to try and please, no compromises required to make things work. While I do admit that starting and maintaining a band was a personal dream/goal of mine, I think it's now time to move on and go back to the land of solo music. That goes for live performances too, keeping it basic, and just using the beat. No bands, no guitars, no drums, just me and my beats pumping through the PA system.

And with that, I would like to formally announce the next slate of music in the works. It's called "The Endgame" and it can mean just about anything to anyone. It could mean the end of a dream, the end of the world, the end of a phase of life, or the end of someone's career. Multiple meanings, if you catch the drift.

I'm not saying just what this new project is, but it will all make sense in due time. Expect more info in a few weeks. Yeah, I know, I'm teasing everyone as usual with this "more info in a few weeks" thing, but then again, some things just need to be secret for now. And, it gives you a reason to stay interested…that is, if anyone truly has an interest in this.

-MC Larny

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