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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Blog Report: 12/25/08

Evening people,

So I'm sitting here in complete shock. As I type this, it's only a day or so till Aces Down goes on stage, and I can't believe that this is happening. It's like a massive dream or whatnot, it's way too good to be true....

*Deep breath* OK, let's get down to business as usual before I get into a full-on mushy speech made for Disney films and 80's flicks.

So the show is in about 1 and a half days. Scary. Now, I've been around, and I've done a few shows as previously mentioned, but this is unlike anything else I've been a part of. To be working with these talented bandmates has been a blessing and I am excited to see where this takes us.

So for all those curious about going to the show and need some guidance getting there, here's some help from our friends at Google Maps: (sorry for our Facebook readers who may not be able to see this)

View Larger Map

We hope to see you there, at 6PM, Tom's Gourmet Marketplace, Northborough MA.

-MC Larny

P.S. Happy Holidays! So consider this a gift that you will definitely be wanting to check out all Saturday: MC Larny on Twitter

Monday, December 1, 2008

Blog Report: Week of 12/1/08

Hey everyone, it's another episode of the Blog Report. Sorry I didn't do one last week, but you know, stuff happens.

So as the show gets closer and closer (December 27th, Tom's Gourmet Marketplace, Northborough, MA), it's only getting better and better. The jam sessions are becoming more focused, and more of the band members have been getting involved with it.
I'm honestly more pleased than you can imagine with the assembly of talent in Aces Down. It's like nothing I've ever imagined.

The setlist is also looking very appealing too. I won't give away a single thing here, but there will be some stuff that surprises you....wait and see.

Speaking of the show, I've been reminiscing the past shows I've done since I started this rap stuff...and it's pretty fond memories. While the shows themselves were all spread out and hard to get, it was quite a feel, quite a rush.
Let's take a stroll down memory lane:
  1. October 2005: Town Hall, Northborough, MA: Totally unexpected. The gameplan was just go to a show that some of my friends were playing, and have a good time. Little did I know that I would get my chance to be part of the action. As the story goes, I got called onto the stage by a friend of mine, who was part of a crazy jam band. I freestyled live on stage, captivated the crowd, "accidentally" started a moshpit (believe it), and among other things, proved that this was for real after all.
  2. April 2006: ARHS Battle of The Bands Tryouts: The story behind this: I considered forming a band so that I could try and enter the high school Battle of the Bands. Now, I know you're wondering, "A rapper at Battle of The Bands?!" and to that I say, "Whatever." I didn't care, it would've been perhaps a great way to get exposure on a big scale at that time. I talked to some friends of mine, and we got a 3 piece unit going. We tried out, and everyone who was watching us was feeling it. For a tryout, it was pretty intense. The downside of this: We didn't get in, by 1 little point. Crushing defeat there, but you can't win alll the time....
  3. August 2006: House Party: This show was a mess. There's no way around it. I think this was me at my worse, and not the type of environment I'd like to work in again. Not saying that a house party is bad, it's just that it was a disaster on that one night. First off, the sound system was not what I hoped for. Second, the set was 100% improvised, because of that first issue I touched upon. And of course, there was that one band who was on earlier that took a few shots about me on stage...I think they were called Y.A.F. I don't believe they exist anymore...
  4. November 2006: Yet Another House Party: So after befriending the guys in T.I.P., I was invited to freestyle at a show of theirs. I went, hung out, had one heckua time there. Good times.
  5. January 2007: AHRS Variety Show: Totally awesome. Another one-off band formed, this time a 4 piece, featuring Neil Bsechle, Morgan Thrap, and Mike Corey. Performing the song, When It's Over, off the Enter The Unknown album. A different arrangement and for what it was, it was quite impressive. I'd say that was perhaps my best performance period. And I'd love to do that song again...
  6. June 2007: FSC Orientation: Again, this was one of those "out of the blue" performances. Story is, I was part of a group of freshman who had to create a presentation on a school policy. So I kinda gave the idea of "Let's do a rap song!" 7 minutes later, I wrote a song about some sort of technology policy, and kinda bit O.P.P. by Naughty By Nature. But hey, it was all in good fun man.
  7. October 2008: FSC Open-Mic Night: was a long long time since I picked the mic up again. Long story short, I went through some issues that required me to step away from music for a period of time. I came back in January 08, dropped an album in August 08, and here we are. Feeling as if I needed to get back on the stage, I wrote a song, memorized it in 5 days, and spit it. The crowd was really appreciative, and at that point, I realized that I was right back in the saddle again.
So that brings us to today.... show number 8, for those keeping score at home. It's amazing how over 3 years, you evolve and see yourself change. You see the songs you created evolve, you can feel it happen. You meet people you'd never expect, and you watch people leave your life for periods of time, or in some cases, for good.

But that's enough sentimental chatter from me. It's been a long and crazy 5 years rapping, and here we are. I can't wait for the 27th, to perform with Aces Down, to give people a show that you can't forget.

Peace out,

-MC Larny

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