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Monday, December 31, 2012

The Evolution Of MC Larny: 2013

Well, who else could have imagined this?

366 days prior I was driving to Walpole to begin the new chapter of SWEETDICULOUS.

366 days later...I'm starting a new chapter again, this time, with another previously-declared-dead stage act.

That's right. Aces Down is coming back in 2013.

But before I delve into that, I need to get on the topic of some other things that have happened in 2012.

After a solid year of work, Confessions has arrived. 5 songs, available on Bandcamp right this moment. This is the start of the Imperfect Trilogy...uglyside is making headway right now. Should be done in Februrary, ilf all goes according to plan.

This was the dream coming true. Finally meeting collaborators who just get it, who can work with their own styles of music and merge into mine, to make something awesome happen.

I got lucky that I met Meghan and Tyler both this year, as well as Tom. The 3 of them have been a creative spark in my circuits that has got me yearning for the stage all over again. Playing new songs with them has been some of the most fun I've had in quite some time music wise.

5 feature installments, and a spinoff series can't describe how huge Nightmare has been to my creative process. It has been some of the best ways to express my creative sides and by doing that, I've been able to work bits and pieces into my live setup, giving old tracks new life, and new ideas a platform to jump off.

PN 36(5) was an accomplishment. 365 days, and using those as a diary of sorts. Capture emotions, triumphs, failures, all of that into instrumental expression and it becomes so much more than it looks.

Also, Project Nightroid gave me a chance to expand deeper into a more cinematic sound. One that evokes and shows different faces, but they all make sense in the big scheme of things.

OK, that's in the rearview. Let's bring out 2013!


With the conclusion of college, it's time to go back to work with music and FINALLY get the wheels moving. Expect a lot more chances to see MC Larny live in 2013. January 9th and 13th, the dates of the Winter War open mic and a performance at All Asia in Cambridge. Exciting times.

Well, the trilogy will end in 2013. Somehow. And there WILL be a CD release at the same time EP #3  comes out. It will all tie in together so keep an eye out for that.

Also, hopefully backwards/forwards will formally begin tracking in 2013 as well. Once EP #3 is out, we're going in to start the next full length LP.


OK...let me explain.

Aces Down was dead. And it was going to stay that way. Until I came to a conclusion in the middle of last year...why not do it again?

It wasn't an easy choice. But I felt that the nature of Aces Down, the collision of musical styles, that was a good idea that ALMOST worked. So hence why it's coming back.

With all the pending instability with collaborators moving farther away from a central location, and being a first-hand victim of how distance affects musical relationships, a collective gives me a chance to work with more people, but also avoid having to shuffle lineups when something happens. It's a fluid nature.

And when you consider a collective that spans different genres, Aces Down makes sense. A lot of sense.

While I will always, and I mean this, ALWAYS have the memories of the first lineup of this band in my mind and heart, there's enough reasoning for me to make this change. Specifically, because of a lot of changes in my life, with the first lead singer and I haven't talked since 2010.

So with that noted, the first lineup is not getting back together. And it's time to reboot the Aces.

The lineup will be revealed soon. But a little word of advice...

It's always wild.

-mc larny

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Show Report: 11.17.12 - Rock For ZUMIX II

Another show report. Been awhile since, but always better to have than to have not.

SHOW #16 - Rock For ZUMIX II
All Asia, Cambridge MA

Photo credit: Jackie Gabriella o/b/o Jones Rocktography

MC Larny- Loops/Keys/Vocals
Meghan Earle- Guitar/Vocals

*BACKGROUND: The Things You Didn't Know*
-2nd show at All Asia
-2nd show of 2012
-Earliest start time in career
-2nd performance with Meghan
-Shortest set in career
-First time the unplugged/electronic hybrid setup has performed live
I've known Meghan for the past year. How this show came about was out of my own sleuthing and asking questions about things. Specifically, if I could play this show. The answer was yes. The question was..."how is this going to happen?"

A few days later, sitting at my laptop trying to solve that question, Meg walks by. We exchange pleasantries and talk about the usual stuff. Next thing, I tell her about the show in Boston (technically it's Cambridge -ed) and I ask her if she wanted to be a part of it. Another yes. And thus the planning began.

For weeks we worked out a setlist. The second song was always intended to be Flood. The first one...well, that took up till the week of the show to determine. First it was going to be an original. Then it was going to be a mashup of a Radiohead song. Then after all of that, we scrapped it and went with an NIN cover.

We almost did Something I Can Never Have. I can't imagine writing a rap verse for that...

*BEFORE THE SHOW: The Morning Of*

Helter skelter mornings are a tradition around here, and today was no different. We met up the day of, because the day before was a little too complicated for our schedules. The morning was low-energy, with doubt filling the room that we could pull this off. However, after doing a few solid runs with Head Like A Hole and getting timing down to a science, Flood was next up.

And the challenge began.

We wrote the song in April with Tyler (our guitarist) and we had for an ending. There was the heavy ending (Tyler plays his guitar and hits a big chord, and somehow it ends), the fadeout ending, and the quiet ending, where the strings wrap up the track.

Obviously, all 3 of those were not options. So as we play through the song, we get to the end and Meg improvised an ending guitar melody. Sounds fine on it's own...but when the piano was there to counteract it, it was magic in audio form.

We play it and my face gets affixed with the biggest smile ever. We conclude it and I lose it, needing to sit down. It was that good.

After an hour, we head out to Boston/Cambridge with our roadie J.D. in tow. Of course it wasn't perfect.

I left the stand and the charger at the jam room (oops). And my laptop cable at home.

Good thing Guitar Center is en route to our destination. I run in, grab a cable, pay a decent price, and happen to see my former guitarist Laura for a brief moment. Weird.

And then we are off to the All Asia!


1. Head Like A Hole (NIN Cover)
2. Flood

Finally, we arrive. Getting all set and ready to go, and it's all about to happen. I'm not nervous, and neither is Meg. Getting set to do our thing, I'm oblivious to the moment before, it's all about the moment now.

We finally take the stage and start. Not too much to say, just watch the two webisodes to get the experience.

It's over and we both feel relieved. A hug of celebration afterwards and we have accomplished something that we'll be telling our kids about.


The rest of the afternoon was spent basking in the moment. And chilling with our friends and enjoying the local scene and all the untapped talent. Seeing so many people was reaffirmation, that this was worth it. It was all worth it.

As the day winds down, and we head out, we chill with Mojo Kick and I ask the question again to Meg:

"Want to do Flood again on December 3rd?"

The answer: Yes (hopefully it does happen)

Me, Meghan, J.D., JTK, Eric, Colby, A2K.
-mc larny

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

SHOW ALERT: 11/17 Rock For ZUMIX

Attention Boston fans:

We got a show coming up on the 17th, at the All Asia Bar in Cambridge (MBTA accessable via Red Line, Central stop). We go on at 1:20pm.

And why do I keep on saying "we"....because we have a special guest playing with us. From Remember the Grass People, Meghan will be joining us on guitar and vocals. 2 new songs, one of them you may know, the other you totally don't.

PRICE: $10 (going to ZUMIX)
AGES: all (MC Larny is for the children)
LOCATION: All Asia Bar, Cambridge MA
DOORS: 1pm

See you there. Y'all be cool.
-mc larny

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Previously On...

When I left this blog in July, a lot of things were up in the air. Bands, EPs, music, life.

Fast-forward to now. It's calming down.

Confessions After Dark dropped this week, finally! It's on so do check it out. Also, PN 365 is getting closer and closer. May throw a few curves here and yourself.

January, it's back to the studio. Recording uglyside. And the final part of the trilogy will come soon after.

SOF 2 is still alive. Look for it soon.

And that's it...WAIT A MINUTE!

SHOW ALERT: 11/17 at the All Asia Bar in Cambridge as a part of the Rock for ZUMIX fundraiser. And get ready for the surprises to come.

-mc larny

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Project Nightroid: the long and short of it

Hey there,

It's finally done and ready for your eardrums, the latest installment of Project Nightmare, Project Nightroid is out now on Bandcamp and I'm quite surprised how well things worked out. For a project that was as shaky and watered down as it was, somehow less is more. Huh.

I guess the question is what's next? A new album, 3 EPs, a mixtape and PN 36(5) all up. And maybe one more thing but we'll see.

-mc larny

Monday, June 25, 2012

a view into project nightroid

Project Nightroid, the next installment in the long running Project Nightmare instrumental series, was born from a long standing question.

What if someone remixed Metroid songs?

The answer wasn't just yes but rather how. How do you take on a beloved series and give it a remixed coat of paint that respects the source material and also takes it in new directions?

You add some jazz to the mix. So if you hear some light elements ranging from latin jazz to be-bop, with familiar melodies, that's intentional.

It's coming along, July is the launch month. See you then.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

blog report: PROGRESS!

see the title? that's what happened over the last 8 days. Progress in the new album, the Nightroid project, and the EPs. Here's hoping the prospective guest wish-list is possible.

Now back to work.

Monday, June 11, 2012

blog report: since we last spoke...


a decent amount of time has passed since I've blogged about music. here goes.

PROJECT NIGHTROID: July 2012. Set in stone.

CONFESSIONS AFTER DARK - BACK TO SQUARE 2: Ugh. Demo project files lost in a freak moment has pushed things backwards a bit, so I guess it's a chance to re-examine the project in full. Lyrics are being re-written right now to make the over-arching themes work so much better in context.

THE OTHER EPs: One at a time. More focused, better product in the end.

BACKWARDS/FORWARDS - WE GOT A STORY  DONE: It took a year, but finally, this album's grand scheme is ready. Career spanning story, that is perhaps bits and pieces of 8 Mile, Rocky and some other things.

SUMMER 2012: Uh...IDK, my bff Jill? Seriously, everything got flipped on it's head at the end of May. Still dragging myself out of the crash and proceeding to limp back home. What happens next is anyone's guess.

Release schedule (as of now):
JULY - Project Nightroid -A Tribute to Metroid

2012: Confessions After Dark/Uglyside of Beautiful (we may bundle both together for a physical package after both are done)

Project Nightmare 365

So there. Stay tuned for future performance announcements.

-mc larny

Monday, May 7, 2012

blog report: falling off the map


so after a few weeks of not blogging, here we are, back on it. with that noted, some things have changed here and there. specifically the EP Confessions After Dark being delayed.

when I planned to drop it in May, I had no idea that the months before it would become so busy and so full of everything else. like the new band(s) forming like Voltron and pretty much taking over my life for all of April. so it became quite obvious from listening to the demos, the takes we had, that it was the better option to re-do everything so far, with better gear and a better focus in place.

i don't like to give out tentative dates of projects that can easily change dates so i will stay with that policy until I know for sure that Confessions is done and ready.

the gameplan for this summer is to re-record most everything, maybe re-write a few songs to tighten up the concept of the EP, we'll see what happens.

now that I mention it...summer 2012 is shaping up quite nicely. the big plan is shows, big shows, small shows, impromptu shows, slightly illegal shows, private shows, no shows!

OK, forget the last one but you get what this is all leading to. performances of all varieties. hopefully the first of many will be on june 6th. and i do know that the last lineup I was with is going to be a part of this.

hopefully this will be better than the last time....

and the next thing I might as well tell you about is Project Nightroid. Coming in July, and it's going to be something that is bold, daring and out of this world.

next Nightmare 365 clip is coming end of next week.

be on the lookout for Deaf by Misadventure.
-mc larny

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

blog report: 100 posts strong


can't believe it...7 years later, 100 posts, multiple EPs, LPs, mixtapes, instrumental albums, bands, shows, hiatuses and miscellaneous other things, here we are.

it's been a wild few months, from being in SWEETDICULOUS to being out of it to starting off Deaf By Misadventure and the new band which is unnamed as of now (but we're working on it) and the EPs finally getting started/close to finished. and I can think of no better way to wrap it all up with this week's upcoming performance at Playing for Change.

Last week was the realization of a dream, or at least a long-standing, sometimes forgotten about goal I'd held in my pocket. I remember how close it was to happening, on 2 different occasions. and the agonizing feel of it being snatched away.

well, now, it's different. for once, something is happening. something unexpected and awesome. something raw and impulsive.something that builds off 7 years of experience, and feeds off it.

it's a new band, and sooner or later, the lineup and bios will be posted.

sooner rather than later.

-mc larny,saying here's to 100 more blog posts!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Show Report #15: Of Injuries, Mishaps, and New Endeavors


I’m recouping from the events of last night. A lot to discuss from the show. So where do we start…?
Live on Location: 4.11.2012 at Framingham State

Since 2008, I’ve wanted to do a show on campus. We came close back in the Aces Down days…but that fell away and I was stuck.

In that time I found instrumental music, and started screwing around with DJ gigs, even doing a bunch of shows in Boston, that were extremely successful. Not big shows, but really positive experiences that gave me my confidence back and a new way to do things.

So as this event approaches, an idea is planted in my head. Tyler, the guitarist hits me with a concept: DJ and drums. I ponder it for a split-second and say yes.

So the sessions happen, but Tyler feels more confident on guitar than drums. We switch over to that…and something insane happens. I give Tyler a Project Nightmare song, and he runs with it.

Before The Show

"Celebrities at ringside tonight... editor for HORGAN!"

I arrive at the Ecumenical Center (it ain’t no church) and get ready to rock. I have my laptop, my keys and my groove, ready to do it.

And when I make the move to plug my laptop in…it happened. My knee buckles and twists, and I hit the floor, spewing foul words in a whisper. I have no idea what happened, but I start getting hot all over and can’t stand up for a minute, scared of something snapping and ending the night before it began.

I think it was all adrenaline because my knee hurt less for the entire time before we got on stage.

And then, the wait began.

The set kept on getting pushed back. It wasn’t until about 10:30, that it was time.

And even then it was a battle.

The Show


MC Larny – Synths/Piano

Photo credit: Tom O'Brien o/b/o Jones Rocktography

Tyler Guay* – Guitar

Meghan Earle* – Guest vocals/Guitar (Not in Love)

Photo credit: Tom O'Brien o/b/o Jones Rocktography

*denotes new live band members

So we take the stage, but there’s a problem. The sound with my laptop is too low. Even at max. My God.

Panic and frustration over-take me, seeing a great thing go down the tubes. Meanwhile, Meghan, being the consummate professional she is, she buys some time as her and Tyler do an impromptu cover of Only You by Portishead. Then she does another track which I can’t recall the name of, and buys time to fix the issues.

I apologize profusely and we begin with Not In Love, which thanks to some digging, we learn is not a Crystal Castles original..but a cover.

And here it is.

Yup, shocking. Anywho, we get that track done, then Meghan takes her leave, as Tyler and I prepare for the experience known as…DEAF BY MISADVENTURE.

The show starts with Zelda’s theme, then progresses into Madness Act I, from Project Nightmare III. The set concludes with Fatal Error, from Summer of Fate. We thank the crowd and exit.


1. Only You

2. Untitled

3. Not In Love

4. Zelda’s Deaf

5. Madness Act I

6. Fatal Error

Post-Show and Fun Facts

*first show on Framingham State that wasn’t a radio performance
*first show with Meghan and Tyler
*first show since June 2011
*first show under Deaf By Misadventure
*the 15th show overall

So I’m all flustered because of how rough the show was, but everyone’s trying to reassure me that it wasn’t that bad. Jury’s still out on the show…waiting to hear/see recorded footage but I am a bit anxious.
Now, it’s time to get ready for next week. And hope my knee doesn’t buckle under the pressure.

See you next week at Playing for Change.
-mc larny

PS…the other band I’m in…you’ll know more soon enough.

Monday, April 2, 2012

blog report: Evolve and Shed

Howdy kids,

What a wild week it's been. When I last left you, I was preparing to finish up some work with SWEETDICULOUS for a new track, was in one other project that seemed quite shaky, and didn't expect some other things as well.

One week later.

1. SWEETDICULOUS R.I.P.: Dan and I called it a day. I feel that to further divulge over the reasoning is unneeded and exploitative so in lieu of that, here's my own personal feelings on the matter.

I'm stunned. I felt blindsided by the news and I guess I didn't honestly try and comprehend all of this. While this stinks, I do admit, the 3 month run being in a band with my best friend was awesome. Pure chaos and fun. And a well-needed eye opener to making music without fear of humiliation, shame, taste, and other factors.

2. Hello, Deaf By Misadventure: Yes, it's pretty much official. The new side-project came into existence last week and it's pretty much a live extension of Project Nightmare with a lot of other things attached. More to come very soon.

3. And then there's...: Another project as well. This time, it's loud, rugged and a tad more unconventional. This will have something to do with...

4. APRIL SHOW ALERT: That's right, 2 shows in April, in 8 days of each other. So very excited.

-mc larny

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

blog report: work to escalate status

Project Nightroid is going somewhere. Confessions is going somewhere. Uglyside is waiting to go.

It's good to be working. Meanwhile, setlist building for the next wave of shows and such. More rap shows less DJ gigs, but I'll find an in-between.

Also, Impulsive is doing very well (for my standards) and I would like to take this time to thank everyone who's heard it. I love you guys and girls, and I love what I'm doing.

More clips to come, and hopefully finishing Confessions prelim tracking in the next 3 weeks or so. May is coming....

-mc larny

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

blog report: rock and roll vacation (and the new single!)

hey there,

1 week of recording sessions later, there seems to be a great clarity in regards to the upcoming EP, Confessions After Dark. tracking has gone excellent, with 2-3 songs out of 5 done, 1 66% done and another I still need to record. That May launch looks real.

Now on to the other news:

  • Nightmare 365: At the latest, it's possibly going to be a huge project.
  • Uglyside: Tracking RIGHT after Confessions is done and over, hoping for August. For real this time.
  • Beautifulside: This could take awhile. The idea is to do it all unplugged and...well, it's going to be a fitting end for this story I've imagined.
Oh and I almost forgot.... BEHOLD! Impulsive is HERE:

-mc larny

Monday, March 12, 2012

blog report: me in real life


so i come to you tonight bearing some good news. Impulsive is DONE. finished this afternoon, after 2 sessions total of recording/freestyles/arranging. also embraced a new technique: over-dubbing the instrumentals with additional scratches. all a part of the plan.

I did something else too today. I abandoned the verse/chorus/verse structure in exchange for something more...fitting. You'll know NEXT WEEK.

also: preliminary planning is starting for the next single off Confessions After Dark. It's going to be House of Illusions and hopefully an unplugged version of it can happen, somehow. We'll see.

in other news: SWEETDICULOUS recorded for the first time as the new lineup and we nailed it. [Bleeping] nailed it. Dan was on his game, I was on mine and we got something to show for it in due time.

It's going to be wild. Be ready for the 17th, PN 365 Clip#3 coming at ya.

-mc larny

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blog Report: About Last Night… and other things


Last night…good lord. Just…I’m trying to put it into words what went down but I’m in shock. So much fun on air.

The mix will be slamming Bandcamp in a few, so do stay tuned for the link. But be warned, it was 2 hours. 120 minutes.

More fun facts from last night:
-Longest constant session: 40+ minutes
-Longest total show: 2  hours
-First DJ set since December 2011
-3rd LIVE WDJM performance (March 2011, December 2011)

Now, on to the EPs. Confessions is demoing right now and Sunday even more was done. Working on House of Illusions right now.

And on that note, House of Illusions needs a vocalist to guest on it. Working some ideas out, but I got a great feeling about it. Flat-out great feeling.

Next week: the lion’s share of recording. Going to lock myself in my room and finish this EP. Then take a month to procure the collaboration for House of Illusions. Because it will take a month, knowing my luck and whatnot.

Next Nightmare 365 clip is on the 17th.

Peace and rock on,

-mc larny

Monday, February 27, 2012

blog report: back to the start…again


so last week, actually last Wenesday to be exact, I did some demo recording in my home again.

Quiet house, no one to bother me, and a ton of drive to do something worthwhile. I got some results out of it, and some much-needed confidence (not swag, CONFIDENCE) in terms of recording progress. Perfecting verse 1 till I thought it was actually worth something.

Then the next idea was to freestyle it, establish a flow of sorts. This did give me one sick bridge between the break and verse 3 which I’m sure you’ve heard on Soundcloud (as “praying but I’m saying”) and some more vocal ideas to screw around with.

I’m liking where this is going so far. 2 weeks from now begins the real challenge, actual recording of Impulsive, it’s remix and whatever else comes along. Looking forward to it, and blowing my voice out over-doing it.

In other news: There are now a few new projects in the works. Obviously uglyside and backwards/forwards (which will enter production after uglyside wraps up) and the new Project Nightmare Metroid and 365. In addition, there’s a few collabs on both sides of the ball that I’m very excited/hopeful for.

And like I normally say, stay tuned for those.

-mc larny

Monday, February 20, 2012

blog report: hard work for hard work


Coming at ya with a crazy pitch, it's the MC. 24 hours of work later in my basement to respark my creativity after losing my mojo on Friday after a botched jam session, I think it paid off.

I'm exhausted, I'm freezing cold, I'm slightly burned out, but I am pleased with what I've left this session with. Specifically a new track called "Snake Charmer" (the title is not permanent) that is a haunting and groovy take on a classic. Not sure if I'll end up laying verses or it'll be someone else, but I like it...check it, I love it.

Hear for yourself:

And in other news: scoping out a few open mics to hit up in the next few weeks/months to build my skills up and get back to being...well, being good. Much like the pitcher heading back to his trainer to re-discover a fastball or a pro wrestler working with catch wrestlers and grapplers to re-work his ability to make it even more "realistic", it's all about foundation fine-tuning.

Impulsive the single is coming in 1 month. I'm excited to get it out there and get Confessions into your hands.

Peace yo.
-mc larny

Monday, February 13, 2012

blog report: RAW is BAD (plus other musings)


This weekend opened my ears and eyes to a lot of things, most of them good, if not great. One of them being that the next big music project for me is working on a song with Dan of SWEETDICULOUS that is one of the biggest tracks we've ever done.

Another would be completing the remix instrumental of "Impulsive" this morning.

But the big one, and I'll elaborate on it is that I tried a different vocal approach a few days ago. Trying to find the balance between hip-hop and DC punk vocal styles. It was a fun experience, really fun and then later on that weekend I made this connection.

In this society of American Idols, Voices, and X-Factors, the "rawness" of vocals is being slowly erased. Not completely but it's coming to a point where it ceases to exist. Bear with me.

People nowadays want angelic voices. Perfect pitch, tone and so on so forth. No room for the imperfect, never-was-trained style that rose to fame. It seems more honest when someone performs and they actually did it themselves, they got to where they are without an abundance of help.

I'm not sure, but perfection is what everyone wants.So much that people forget what it's like to be real anymore.

Seriously, what ever happened to trial and error? The days where mistakes were meant to happen, to educate and to show that there's room for improvement.

I hope rawness comes back. I hope mistakes and trial and error come back. Perfection sucks.

-mc larny

Monday, February 6, 2012

blog report: and after the party is the afterparty...


with the events of last night already in the rear-view, back to the music.

so something awesome is happening. i'll elaborate in a few days. but it is going to get real loud. music for people who want to walk under ladders.

think about it.

-mc larny

p.s. Impulsive has a date now, March 30th.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

blog report: good with the bad

bad news: laptop problems. in short, Confessions After Dark's project files were part of the casualties.

good news: the demos were as close to done as possible. making a judgement call later on this week to either keep them, rebuild them, remake them, or something else.

bad news: as a result, Confessions After Dark is getting pushed back to a later date.

good news: could lead to some really interesting things down the line.

bad news: haven't been able to do things in days.

good news: i'm actually starting a band. and it's closer and closer to being real.

Monday, January 23, 2012

blog report: back in action once again

well dang, it's been a wild weekend. football and walking in boston in chilling temperatures and music. at the current moment (12:13 AM EST 1/24/2012) here's how Confessions After Dark stands right now:

*Impulsive is getting close. Some tweaking here and there needs to be done to get to a certain level it needs to be.
*Critical is DONE. it's perfect right now.
*Same for The Wild and House of Illusions (Deception's Afoot)
*Silencia is now Fatal Ambiance. Close to done as well.

*Sketching out the lyrics right now with timecodes so I know when to start, stop, break, change, everything. Details city chick, det-details city.

*Planning possible people to collab with for this. Maybe 1 or 2, but I'm feeling 1 collab will be appropriate.

Onto the other two EPs, which are part of a trilogy now (the Imperfect Trilogy):

*Revised Feels Like. Again.
*Everything else remains static.

*Unplugged EP is being re-written to better suit the trilogy. Once it started as a story about a breakup, now it's the penultimate chapter of the story I'm trying to tell.

On the Nightmare front:
*Project Nightmare 365 is under work right now.
*Planning the next game-related Project Nightmare release. It may be Metroid (complete with Jazztroid 2: Return of The Groove Hunter) or it may be Zelda. Or it may be Sonic.

Finally the other projects:
*SWEETDICULOUS has a huge project up-coming that ties into something else.

*And I'm getting a band together....wait, did I just say that?

-mc larny

Monday, January 16, 2012

7 Years Doing This: Observations

  1.  Genres are stupid: I remember starting out trying to play in the rules of hip-hop. Kept on doing that for years, then after so much of living in the same 16 bars-hook-16 bars-hook-16 bars-hook-end structure, it got boring. I got bored. And that's something that never should happen with music, you get bored with what you do. It's tragic. 
  2. Lower Your Expectations: When it comes to being famous, slap yourself if you think you'll be the next big thing. Instead, be realistic and you'll surprise yourself. It's always the ones who don't expect fame that get it in the end.
  3. Please, get off your knees: If you're that desperate for fame, that you have to "assume the position" to get somewhere, it may be time to reassess a few things. Specifically, if you have pride to achieve your goals and not succumb to desperation.
  4. Study Business: Great musicians also have great business sense. Not Gene Simmons style (sue-everyone-and-act-like-a-mizer) but a reasonable, in tune with the audience, sense. Don't give everything away, set a floor and stay with it.
  5. Be Your Own Artist: You don't need to remix every hot single, appear on every mixtape, collab on everything. Stand on your own two.
  6. Don't Fake It: Lana Del Rey is example of why you need to be great live and in the booth. Bad live shows can KILL your career. Ashlee Simpson....nuff said.
  7. Respect: Make some friends, but do help them too, because surprise surprise...they may help you when you need it, only because you helped them first.
  8. Be Original: Cookie-cutter musicians die out fast. Don't believe me, then look at any artist who came up doing the same style of the top act in '93, '99, '03, '06 and so on so forth. The original people last longer and while they will go unrecognized for years...they get the fame and adoration that lasts.

    That's all I got. It's not a set of rules, rather, a few guidelines.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Project Nightmare Post-Mortem: What It Looks Like Now


That was a fun, long, exhaustive process there. 3-4 months of work and it paid off with a great new Project Nightmare installment.

So yeah, with that done, it's time to look forward. Obviously, I'm considering Nightmare V and this time around, the gameplan is a 1 year development schedule. More elaborate, but not a reason for excess. We'll see how it goes.

Also, there's a good chance alternate versions of Nightmare IV arise. Good chance, but it may or may not happen. Here's hoping it does.

So now, we turn the attention to Confessions After Dark. The first of 3 in a trilogy, yes, we are doing an EP trilogy, because they all have a common thread that they all deviate from. One of them is aggressive, the other is  brooding, the other is reflective. Take that to mean what you like. Impulsive will drop by mid-February, with the follow-up single 2 weeks later. And then...the full EP some time after.

That's my goal. Let's see what happens.

-mc larny

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