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Started as a way of keeping people in the know about MC Larny, and it's been going strong for 3 years now.

Here's a hypothetical Q & A:

How did you get your start?
It was a pretty simple start, just freestyling in hallways in high school, freshman year. Of course, I had no idea what I was doing back then, save for the 1st two songs I wrote and showed friends. Fun fun.

Ever since 7th grade, I've been known as an acute writer, but I've never said I was, a lot of my friends and teachers said I was great at writing. Either in projects, poetry or rhymes. That was a nice kick-start.

How'd you come up with the name "MC Larny"?
A mix of factors:

  1. A wanting of keeping it real.
  2. Larnel Jones = not a rap name.
  3. MC was what a lot of the old-school guys would put in front of their names. So in tribute, I added it to my name.
  4. A lot of friends, credited to a girl I knew since Kindergarden, would call me Larny. So when it came time to pick a name, I went with that.
  5. Big, Lil', and various other additions aren't timeless.
Where'd you grow up?
Northborough, MA. Quiet town with a high stoner/metalhead turnout.

What do you rap about?
Depends how I feel. Recently, it's been conceptual topics, pieces of a larger design.  But back when I started, it was lyricism for the sake of lyricism. 

How many albums have you made?
3 albums, 1 EP, 2 instrumental collections. Soon to be 4 albums, 3 EP's, and 3 instrumental collections.

How do you make those beats?
A master never tells his secrets.

But since I'm not a master... I used FL Studio since day 1. I've grown with it, climbed in skill with every update, and it's my main creative notepad for the sounds I invent. 

What's your feelings on hip-hop/rap today?
Mixed. I love this genre of music, but at the same time... I'm not at all enamored with the guys on top right now. I respect their abilities (or lack of it), but I just can't relate to kilos, whips, chicks, and blunts.

I'm not going to come out and say "hip-hop is dead", but I will be honest with you... I love and listen to the old stuff and underground. Mainstream is rare, very rare in my cipher.

How many shows have you played?
9. Let me cut to the chase...
Best shows: 9/2005, 1/2007, 11/2006, 12/2008, 10/2008, 12/2010
Worst shows: 8/2006, 12/2008 (in retrospect)

What were those shows like?
The best shows were different. The 9/2005 show was last minute, spur of the moment. And I loved it. 1/2007 was calculated, planned, and executed perfectly. So much fun!

10/2008 was a confidence boost. Needed to make sure I was ready to do it.

12/2008 (the most recent one) was great... because it was bigger, needed more coordination, and helped launched a few people into this music thing. Good friends of mine.

The worst shows were more or less a lack of preparation. And too short. And a mess. And the reason why my band broke up.

Your band?
Yes. Aces Down. Started in 2008, died in 2009. The cause of death:

  1. Political problems
  2. Creative differences
  3. Personal differences
  4. 12/2008
Are you still playing shows?
I want to. Just can't find the right configuration. Either I go standard with DJ's, but I love live instruments instead, gives more freedom with the songs, IMO. I'm torn. Hard to find DJ's around here... that's Northborough for you.

Who influences you?
Public Enemy, DJ Shadow, Wu-Tang Clan, EL-P, Cage, Deftones, Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Gang Starr, Big L, Big Pun, the obvious ones...

Top 5 Dead or Alive. Go!
  1. Chuck D
  2. Genius/GZA
  3. Eminem
  4. Rakim
  5. Ice Cube
What do you want out of this? What's your main objective?
Whoa. That's a big one.

I guess I want personal satisfaction, with a dash of public success to go along with it. I don't want to be Drake-famous, or Sam Adams-famous, I want to do it, and let the chips fall where they may. If it gets hot, you know I'll ride it out all the way. However... if it fails, well, it happened.

One last does it feel to be a gangsta?
Better than usual.

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