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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

blog report: work to escalate status

Project Nightroid is going somewhere. Confessions is going somewhere. Uglyside is waiting to go.

It's good to be working. Meanwhile, setlist building for the next wave of shows and such. More rap shows less DJ gigs, but I'll find an in-between.

Also, Impulsive is doing very well (for my standards) and I would like to take this time to thank everyone who's heard it. I love you guys and girls, and I love what I'm doing.

More clips to come, and hopefully finishing Confessions prelim tracking in the next 3 weeks or so. May is coming....

-mc larny

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

blog report: rock and roll vacation (and the new single!)

hey there,

1 week of recording sessions later, there seems to be a great clarity in regards to the upcoming EP, Confessions After Dark. tracking has gone excellent, with 2-3 songs out of 5 done, 1 66% done and another I still need to record. That May launch looks real.

Now on to the other news:

  • Nightmare 365: At the latest, it's possibly going to be a huge project.
  • Uglyside: Tracking RIGHT after Confessions is done and over, hoping for August. For real this time.
  • Beautifulside: This could take awhile. The idea is to do it all unplugged and...well, it's going to be a fitting end for this story I've imagined.
Oh and I almost forgot.... BEHOLD! Impulsive is HERE:

-mc larny

Monday, March 12, 2012

blog report: me in real life


so i come to you tonight bearing some good news. Impulsive is DONE. finished this afternoon, after 2 sessions total of recording/freestyles/arranging. also embraced a new technique: over-dubbing the instrumentals with additional scratches. all a part of the plan.

I did something else too today. I abandoned the verse/chorus/verse structure in exchange for something more...fitting. You'll know NEXT WEEK.

also: preliminary planning is starting for the next single off Confessions After Dark. It's going to be House of Illusions and hopefully an unplugged version of it can happen, somehow. We'll see.

in other news: SWEETDICULOUS recorded for the first time as the new lineup and we nailed it. [Bleeping] nailed it. Dan was on his game, I was on mine and we got something to show for it in due time.

It's going to be wild. Be ready for the 17th, PN 365 Clip#3 coming at ya.

-mc larny

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blog Report: About Last Night… and other things


Last night…good lord. Just…I’m trying to put it into words what went down but I’m in shock. So much fun on air.

The mix will be slamming Bandcamp in a few, so do stay tuned for the link. But be warned, it was 2 hours. 120 minutes.

More fun facts from last night:
-Longest constant session: 40+ minutes
-Longest total show: 2  hours
-First DJ set since December 2011
-3rd LIVE WDJM performance (March 2011, December 2011)

Now, on to the EPs. Confessions is demoing right now and Sunday even more was done. Working on House of Illusions right now.

And on that note, House of Illusions needs a vocalist to guest on it. Working some ideas out, but I got a great feeling about it. Flat-out great feeling.

Next week: the lion’s share of recording. Going to lock myself in my room and finish this EP. Then take a month to procure the collaboration for House of Illusions. Because it will take a month, knowing my luck and whatnot.

Next Nightmare 365 clip is on the 17th.

Peace and rock on,

-mc larny

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