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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

State of Affairs

Hi everyone,

I'm struggling to come up with the words to explain my current situation, to write a blog that will explain everything that's floating inside my head. So bear with me, this may be a rambling and ranting entry instead of a cohesive piece of writing.

Here's the story: The_Endgame, after a lot of thought, has been shelved. A tough decision to make, but after my laptop crashed and took a lot of the project files down with it, it seemed better to just move on and go do something else.

There's more to it, though. As I tried to make music, I made a startling revelation: over the past few months, making music was no longer a way of affliction relief, it became an affliction. It was no longer pure and fun, it had become something ugly. I realized that I let my emotions make decisions with my music, and before I knew it, I was burned out again.

For the past few weeks, I've contemplated this over and over again, wondering if this "decision" is the right thing, if I'm reading this all wrong.

But for once, I have the clarity to say this: MC Larny is over, for the time being.

When I made this decision, I struggled to find the words that would act as the reasoning behind it. Then, while watching YouTube, I found a clip that would give me the words I needed

A clip of WWF Superstar Shawn Michaels vacating the WWF title because he "lost his smile". When I saw that, I knew that I was in the same situation with my music. I lost a lot over the past few months, my mind, my band, my desire, and my smile. I tried to persevere and all that, but I guess I couldn't do it.

This isn't retirement, it's just a vacation, till I get stuff together again. I may come back, I may not...but it feels right to leave it as it is right now.

Before I close this, I might as well thank the fans, the people I've played with, and anyone else who could be considered influential to this. It's been fun, but I guess, once a harmless addiction becomes a crippling affliction, it has to stop sometime.

Peace out...for real this time,
-MC Larny

Friday, July 10, 2009


I'm not quite sure how to explain the current situation regarding the projects I've been working on. As it stands, it's complicated right now.

But I might as well get it out there, to let y'all know.

Late last week, my laptop started to malfunction. Which is somewhat expected to happen down the road. However, after sending it to the shop to get it fixed, there are still problems with the machine and as a result, it's become very hard to work on anything as of late.

So as it turns out, it may have to be reimaged in order to work again, a troubling situation as it is.

And now you wonder what this has to do with the music. It has a lot to do with it.

From the looks of it, "The_Endgame" project is getting pushed back and may possibly be shelved. It's not easy to say and to even consider a personal project like that being put away for now, but I think it's because there is nothing else that can be done right now. There is a chance it may see the light of day, but as I said, it's not definite.

So yeah, that is the current story as it stands. I'm disappointed that things ended up like this, and it's not something I wish to see repeat itself. Hopefully, it will pass, and this personal project of mine sees the light of day.

"A poem is never finished, only abandoned. ~Paul Valéry"


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