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Monday, February 27, 2012

blog report: back to the start…again


so last week, actually last Wenesday to be exact, I did some demo recording in my home again.

Quiet house, no one to bother me, and a ton of drive to do something worthwhile. I got some results out of it, and some much-needed confidence (not swag, CONFIDENCE) in terms of recording progress. Perfecting verse 1 till I thought it was actually worth something.

Then the next idea was to freestyle it, establish a flow of sorts. This did give me one sick bridge between the break and verse 3 which I’m sure you’ve heard on Soundcloud (as “praying but I’m saying”) and some more vocal ideas to screw around with.

I’m liking where this is going so far. 2 weeks from now begins the real challenge, actual recording of Impulsive, it’s remix and whatever else comes along. Looking forward to it, and blowing my voice out over-doing it.

In other news: There are now a few new projects in the works. Obviously uglyside and backwards/forwards (which will enter production after uglyside wraps up) and the new Project Nightmare Metroid and 365. In addition, there’s a few collabs on both sides of the ball that I’m very excited/hopeful for.

And like I normally say, stay tuned for those.

-mc larny

Monday, February 20, 2012

blog report: hard work for hard work


Coming at ya with a crazy pitch, it's the MC. 24 hours of work later in my basement to respark my creativity after losing my mojo on Friday after a botched jam session, I think it paid off.

I'm exhausted, I'm freezing cold, I'm slightly burned out, but I am pleased with what I've left this session with. Specifically a new track called "Snake Charmer" (the title is not permanent) that is a haunting and groovy take on a classic. Not sure if I'll end up laying verses or it'll be someone else, but I like it...check it, I love it.

Hear for yourself:

And in other news: scoping out a few open mics to hit up in the next few weeks/months to build my skills up and get back to being...well, being good. Much like the pitcher heading back to his trainer to re-discover a fastball or a pro wrestler working with catch wrestlers and grapplers to re-work his ability to make it even more "realistic", it's all about foundation fine-tuning.

Impulsive the single is coming in 1 month. I'm excited to get it out there and get Confessions into your hands.

Peace yo.
-mc larny

Monday, February 13, 2012

blog report: RAW is BAD (plus other musings)


This weekend opened my ears and eyes to a lot of things, most of them good, if not great. One of them being that the next big music project for me is working on a song with Dan of SWEETDICULOUS that is one of the biggest tracks we've ever done.

Another would be completing the remix instrumental of "Impulsive" this morning.

But the big one, and I'll elaborate on it is that I tried a different vocal approach a few days ago. Trying to find the balance between hip-hop and DC punk vocal styles. It was a fun experience, really fun and then later on that weekend I made this connection.

In this society of American Idols, Voices, and X-Factors, the "rawness" of vocals is being slowly erased. Not completely but it's coming to a point where it ceases to exist. Bear with me.

People nowadays want angelic voices. Perfect pitch, tone and so on so forth. No room for the imperfect, never-was-trained style that rose to fame. It seems more honest when someone performs and they actually did it themselves, they got to where they are without an abundance of help.

I'm not sure, but perfection is what everyone wants.So much that people forget what it's like to be real anymore.

Seriously, what ever happened to trial and error? The days where mistakes were meant to happen, to educate and to show that there's room for improvement.

I hope rawness comes back. I hope mistakes and trial and error come back. Perfection sucks.

-mc larny

Monday, February 6, 2012

blog report: and after the party is the afterparty...


with the events of last night already in the rear-view, back to the music.

so something awesome is happening. i'll elaborate in a few days. but it is going to get real loud. music for people who want to walk under ladders.

think about it.

-mc larny

p.s. Impulsive has a date now, March 30th.

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