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Saturday, February 17, 2007

CD Credits and linear notes

Thanks and Shoutouts:

First off, I'd like to thank God, and the family.

Secondly, I'd like to thank all the peolple who helped out on the CD: Morgan Tharp, Mike Corey, Jim Beatz, Neil Beschle, Spencer Siegal, Carl Mueller, Chris D'amico, Ryan Halpin, Tim Stone and Dan Araya. You guys held it down BIG TIME, I thank you so much.

Third, I'd like to thank Chris D'Amico and his family for hosting all the noisy rehearsals, Morgan Tharp and her family for hosting some of the recording session, Justin Saglio and his family, for letting me tear it up, Lindsay Scopeski and her family for letting me get loose with T.I.P.

That reminds me, shoutouts to the following bands and artists: T.I.P., Watch Them Fall, White Noise, Deaf By Rock & Roll, Millie Manning, Severed Survival and a couple others I may have forgot but still love to see live. Rock on.

Shoutout to a couple friends I know: Ally Graber, Bryan Chuck, Steve Pennett, Jessie in WI, Felicha, and Coach John Frederick and the ARHS Varisty Soccer Team.

Keep on rapping in the free world.

- MC Larny

Linear Notes:

This CD took a long time to complete, around 10 months. The demo took me 4 weeks, the first CD took 3 months, the second CD took around 6 months.

A lot of things changed in this CD lyrically and musically. Lyrically I switched up my themes and added some social commentary and some personal songs as well (chalk that up to metalcore).
Production wise, I used 3 different programs to make the beats on this CD: ACID PRO 6, FL Studio 6, and Apple GarageBand. Actually Mike Corey made the GarageBand beat, I just oversaw it.

Plus, Thunderbltiz Part 2 was recorded with live instruments, a first for MC Larny.

Anyways, I listened to a lot of different things during the creation of this album so here's a list of albums and songs I listened to:

What Doesn't Die- Anthrax
Saturday Night Wrist - Deftones
White Pony - Deftones
Around The Fur - Deftones
Fantastic Planet - Failure
Go Away- Cold
Vermillion- Slipknot
OK Computer - Radiohead
Creep- Radiohead

Thug's Mansion- 2pac
Hip Hop Is Dead - Nas
Illmatic - Nas
Liquid Swords - Genius/GZA
Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor - Lupe Fiasco
Made You Feel That Way- Blackalicious
Deliver- Chino XL

that's a short list of the influential songs and albums I heard while making this CD.

Now to the songs themselves:

Enter The Unknown/Back 2 Basics: This one... well it's supposed to be one beat, but it became 2 beats tied into one song. I wanted to just do an instrumental, but I decided to just go in and do an intro with vocals. The scream at the end of the verse was COMPLETELY random, I just improvised it on the spot and thought "That should stay in there."

The Flipside: Well, that song was one that I like to call "awesome way to start CD". The beat was a throwback to my old days of beatmaking, when I'd always throw in a breakdown at the end of the song, just to make it complete.

R.E.AL.: For this one, I'd like to blame Wu-Tang Clan for directly influencing the title. It's an anagram, Rocking Every Area Locally, something that I thought up while listening to the beat of the song.

Can't Sleep: Ah yes, this track. I wrote it back in April, while listening to "The World Is Yours" by Nas. Something about that got me thinking about writing a song about life in general, a description of my desire and passion for hip-hop, and how I continue to restlessly pursue a dream, hence the title "Can't Sleep".

No Fear Yesteryear: Grealty influenced by guys like Nas and Rakim, I wanted to do a lyrical song, staright-up. No politics, no emotional content, just a song with lyrics about rapping.

Mission Statement: I made this track as a personal promise to my fans and myself, that I wouldn't sell out. It's based on how all these other rappers nowadays ride around their delapaded hoods with pimped out cars and chains, just screaming "Aiyyo, I'm so rich homie. I got so much money, so much bling..."

Something 2 Prove: This song was a creepy and haunting beat, kinda like a horror film. It's dark and gothic, but shows that there's something to prove.

Chillin Like The Villian: Mike Corey, a good friend of mine, makes his first guest apperance on this album as a producer. The legend goes that one day, during Video Tech 2 in junior year, Mike was messing around with Apple GarageBand and he had come up with this amazing chill-out beat. I told him that I wanted to use it for the next CD, and I did. End result: an amazing track that's a first, because it's an outside production beat and also was made using GarageBand.

X & O (Mental Process): This was a flashback to how I became a rapper, and the road I took to where I am today.

One Day Away: I wrote this at a time when I didn't believe in myself, I wasn't confident with my skills, I just wasn't sure I was as good everyone thought I was. This was a reflection of frustration and of dissappointment.

Sequel: This was a collab between a friend of mine, Dan Araya, because we had done a song together in the past, and we wanted to do it again. Now, of course, there are two versions: edited and unedited. The unedited one will be on Myspace soon.

When It's Over: Another first on this album. The story behind this track was that back in June 2006, I had talked to Morgan Tharp, the guest voaclist for the song, about doing this collab. She was honored about doing the song, and the thing is I had never heard her sing before, I was going with her on blind faith. When we stepped into the studio to do the song, she literately floored me with her voice, and my mind was saying "Oh my God, blind faith has done it again!" It was that good.

Thunderbltiz Part 2: Oh yeah, the infamous "Song that delayed the album 3 times in a row", Thunderblitz part 2. It took exactly one year to record the song, and the funny thing is that Chris, my drummer, was part of the original team who worked on the song, but was called in to record at the last minute. Mike Corey appears again, only as a guitarist, and Carl Mueller plays bass on the song. We recorded it at around 9:30 PM, which makes it the latest I've ever recorded in my 3 and a half year career.

My Crew: A song that I added to the tracklist at the last minute to make up for the delay. Anyone who rocked out to the demo remembers this tune very very well.

The Ideal: A song that also got added to the tracklist at well. The beat for this one was taking pieces of Swan Lake, and throwing a cool beat behind it, ending the CD with an errie acoustic guitar at the end.

All songs written and produced by M.C. Larny, except "Chillin Like The Villian", produced by Mike Corey and "Thunderblitz Part 2", music by Shadowshot [Carl Mueller, Mike Corey] and Chris D'Amico, lyrics by M.C. Larny.

Recorded in various basements across Northboro and Southboro MA. Mixed in Juniper Hillz Studios, MA.

Personal List:

Live Guitar, Guest Producer (on "Chillin Like The Villian"): Mike Corey
Live Bass: Carl Mueller
Live Drums: Chris D'Amico
Performer: Mr. Kahn
Performer: Morgan Tharp
Executive Producer, Performer, Recorder: M.C. Larny

Project Start: April 2006

Project End: Feburary 24, 2007

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