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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

EXPOSE DAY 3: The Cards Are Wild Again

So here's the story.

About 6 months ago, I started writing a bunch of songs. Only thing about it was, it was different. The songs took on a nature of their own. The nature was that, the songs couldn't be done using pre-programmed beats...they had to be made live, with real people, real instruments.

In that breath, the decision was made to reform/restart Aces Down, or at least try to.

I've been working with Andrew Warnock  (ex-Mojo Kick) for the past couple of months to reconfigure the sound. It's been a creative crash-course in what does and does not work. And now the rest of the pieces of this project are filling out, gradually. Still a lot of work to be done. Specifically the search for a lead singer (I'm not doing that..can't sing and unless we want to play hardcore punk, I'm really limited) and probably a bassist.

But I'm excited for it, because I've wanted to do it for years now. It's going to happen. The rest of the pieces will be unveiled soon enough. Really really soon...we're trying to get everyone in the same room to jam....

Not easy. But it never was....

EXPOSE DAY 2: There Are No Heroes

Synthesizers are underrated. Often viewed in hip-hop as the instrument used by everyone to replace the sounds they wish they had, it's time to do something a little more...out there with it. An orchestra of synths? Sure, why not.

No Heroes was built on two foundations. The disgust with popular people and the fancy fashion of them being exposed for who they really are was the first foundation. The second was the sound, the idea behind it. It's a good enough idea for a mixtape. And it will be some of the most on-point material I pen in...forever.

It's not going to sound like NIN in hip-hop form, it's going to sound like a new idea. Listen for yourself.

I would never imagine that it would be such an edge-pusher. And somehow it still is, in light of Mr. West's new release. I'm hoping to finish the production by the end of the month and record in July...for a guy who never does mixtapes, this is taking so long.

I originally intended to go solo entirely with this one...but as of now, the goal is to get at LEAST 2 cameos on there. Could happen, could not, we'll see. It may have crossed into "free album" territory with all the work being done for it.

Enjoy a sample. COMING THIS AUGUST.

EXPOSE DAY 1: How's Your Coffee

Retroflux project 001

MC Larny x Nice Day present: Good Coffee Inc.

Twin Peaks hip-hop. It's as crazy as it sounds.


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