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Monday, June 7, 2010

Blog Report 6/7/10: All on the Table


So with Project Nightmare 2.0 out now on, it marks another instrumental project done and out the gate for me. Which is good. Now with that mini-diversion concluded for the time being, it's time to go back to the lyrical half of MC Larny.

I'm sure you're wondering "What was with those instrumental mixtapes? Aren't you a rapper?"

Well...I still am, just been away from it due to a lot of things, personal issues being one of them. Hard to think of song lyrics when the world is coming unglued all around you. But I digress, I was also trying to find a focus point for the next slate of efforts, a unifying theme to hold them together.

This leads to my next point: the EP's are on the way. Uglyside of beautiful is 1st up and it's more standard fare, with a hint of evolution thrown in. Imagine a dream, a recurring dream you have for nights at a time, and if you can visualize it, then this is what the EP's about. It's based on reality (yeah...I really had these dreams) and if all works'll be out in August 2010 (heh, August...the same month I dropped my 1st and 3rd albums). Still trying to figure out how exactly it's coming out, but I want to do a limited physical CD run with a digital release. Depends.

Also on the docket is future live shows. I've been yapping about it for months now, and to be honest, I'm confused with what exactly is the best option for this. I want to bring my live band back...not with the same members, but i'm not at all sure if I can find people who want to do it and have the time. Let's face it... for my career, every show I've done has been with live instrumentation, I just work better with it, more energy, more freedom, and a better show to boot. Not to say that the standard DJ and MC combo is something I'm adverse to... I'm open to it, if I find the right person to work with, someone who I can trust, someone who knows what to do, and how to do it well.

Now...on to the other 2 projects. The Imperfect Dialogue LP is still being worked on. Got a lot of work to do still, with most of the instrumental songs in 1st draft mode. I can say that it'll be a big release with no rush to drop it...when it's done, it's done. The gameplan is to start vocals on that bad boy after the completion of 1 of the 2 EP' once that goes down, the album will hopefully fall into place.

The 2nd EP, the beautifulside of ugly, well, that one is looking real good right now. I'd say more about it... but to be honest, everything is still tentative, so to not jinx it, my lips are sealed. You will hear more about it in the upcoming weeks.

And to close things out, work has begun on a real website. Yes...a real website. Not done yet, but it will be up and running by late fall 2010.

Enjoy yourselves, the fun has just begun....
-MC Larny

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