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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Show Report: 11.17.12 - Rock For ZUMIX II

Another show report. Been awhile since, but always better to have than to have not.

SHOW #16 - Rock For ZUMIX II
All Asia, Cambridge MA

Photo credit: Jackie Gabriella o/b/o Jones Rocktography

MC Larny- Loops/Keys/Vocals
Meghan Earle- Guitar/Vocals

*BACKGROUND: The Things You Didn't Know*
-2nd show at All Asia
-2nd show of 2012
-Earliest start time in career
-2nd performance with Meghan
-Shortest set in career
-First time the unplugged/electronic hybrid setup has performed live
I've known Meghan for the past year. How this show came about was out of my own sleuthing and asking questions about things. Specifically, if I could play this show. The answer was yes. The question was..."how is this going to happen?"

A few days later, sitting at my laptop trying to solve that question, Meg walks by. We exchange pleasantries and talk about the usual stuff. Next thing, I tell her about the show in Boston (technically it's Cambridge -ed) and I ask her if she wanted to be a part of it. Another yes. And thus the planning began.

For weeks we worked out a setlist. The second song was always intended to be Flood. The first one...well, that took up till the week of the show to determine. First it was going to be an original. Then it was going to be a mashup of a Radiohead song. Then after all of that, we scrapped it and went with an NIN cover.

We almost did Something I Can Never Have. I can't imagine writing a rap verse for that...

*BEFORE THE SHOW: The Morning Of*

Helter skelter mornings are a tradition around here, and today was no different. We met up the day of, because the day before was a little too complicated for our schedules. The morning was low-energy, with doubt filling the room that we could pull this off. However, after doing a few solid runs with Head Like A Hole and getting timing down to a science, Flood was next up.

And the challenge began.

We wrote the song in April with Tyler (our guitarist) and we had for an ending. There was the heavy ending (Tyler plays his guitar and hits a big chord, and somehow it ends), the fadeout ending, and the quiet ending, where the strings wrap up the track.

Obviously, all 3 of those were not options. So as we play through the song, we get to the end and Meg improvised an ending guitar melody. Sounds fine on it's own...but when the piano was there to counteract it, it was magic in audio form.

We play it and my face gets affixed with the biggest smile ever. We conclude it and I lose it, needing to sit down. It was that good.

After an hour, we head out to Boston/Cambridge with our roadie J.D. in tow. Of course it wasn't perfect.

I left the stand and the charger at the jam room (oops). And my laptop cable at home.

Good thing Guitar Center is en route to our destination. I run in, grab a cable, pay a decent price, and happen to see my former guitarist Laura for a brief moment. Weird.

And then we are off to the All Asia!


1. Head Like A Hole (NIN Cover)
2. Flood

Finally, we arrive. Getting all set and ready to go, and it's all about to happen. I'm not nervous, and neither is Meg. Getting set to do our thing, I'm oblivious to the moment before, it's all about the moment now.

We finally take the stage and start. Not too much to say, just watch the two webisodes to get the experience.

It's over and we both feel relieved. A hug of celebration afterwards and we have accomplished something that we'll be telling our kids about.


The rest of the afternoon was spent basking in the moment. And chilling with our friends and enjoying the local scene and all the untapped talent. Seeing so many people was reaffirmation, that this was worth it. It was all worth it.

As the day winds down, and we head out, we chill with Mojo Kick and I ask the question again to Meg:

"Want to do Flood again on December 3rd?"

The answer: Yes (hopefully it does happen)

Me, Meghan, J.D., JTK, Eric, Colby, A2K.
-mc larny

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