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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Show Report #15: Of Injuries, Mishaps, and New Endeavors


I’m recouping from the events of last night. A lot to discuss from the show. So where do we start…?
Live on Location: 4.11.2012 at Framingham State

Since 2008, I’ve wanted to do a show on campus. We came close back in the Aces Down days…but that fell away and I was stuck.

In that time I found instrumental music, and started screwing around with DJ gigs, even doing a bunch of shows in Boston, that were extremely successful. Not big shows, but really positive experiences that gave me my confidence back and a new way to do things.

So as this event approaches, an idea is planted in my head. Tyler, the guitarist hits me with a concept: DJ and drums. I ponder it for a split-second and say yes.

So the sessions happen, but Tyler feels more confident on guitar than drums. We switch over to that…and something insane happens. I give Tyler a Project Nightmare song, and he runs with it.

Before The Show

"Celebrities at ringside tonight... editor for HORGAN!"

I arrive at the Ecumenical Center (it ain’t no church) and get ready to rock. I have my laptop, my keys and my groove, ready to do it.

And when I make the move to plug my laptop in…it happened. My knee buckles and twists, and I hit the floor, spewing foul words in a whisper. I have no idea what happened, but I start getting hot all over and can’t stand up for a minute, scared of something snapping and ending the night before it began.

I think it was all adrenaline because my knee hurt less for the entire time before we got on stage.

And then, the wait began.

The set kept on getting pushed back. It wasn’t until about 10:30, that it was time.

And even then it was a battle.

The Show


MC Larny – Synths/Piano

Photo credit: Tom O'Brien o/b/o Jones Rocktography

Tyler Guay* – Guitar

Meghan Earle* – Guest vocals/Guitar (Not in Love)

Photo credit: Tom O'Brien o/b/o Jones Rocktography

*denotes new live band members

So we take the stage, but there’s a problem. The sound with my laptop is too low. Even at max. My God.

Panic and frustration over-take me, seeing a great thing go down the tubes. Meanwhile, Meghan, being the consummate professional she is, she buys some time as her and Tyler do an impromptu cover of Only You by Portishead. Then she does another track which I can’t recall the name of, and buys time to fix the issues.

I apologize profusely and we begin with Not In Love, which thanks to some digging, we learn is not a Crystal Castles original..but a cover.

And here it is.

Yup, shocking. Anywho, we get that track done, then Meghan takes her leave, as Tyler and I prepare for the experience known as…DEAF BY MISADVENTURE.

The show starts with Zelda’s theme, then progresses into Madness Act I, from Project Nightmare III. The set concludes with Fatal Error, from Summer of Fate. We thank the crowd and exit.


1. Only You

2. Untitled

3. Not In Love

4. Zelda’s Deaf

5. Madness Act I

6. Fatal Error

Post-Show and Fun Facts

*first show on Framingham State that wasn’t a radio performance
*first show with Meghan and Tyler
*first show since June 2011
*first show under Deaf By Misadventure
*the 15th show overall

So I’m all flustered because of how rough the show was, but everyone’s trying to reassure me that it wasn’t that bad. Jury’s still out on the show…waiting to hear/see recorded footage but I am a bit anxious.
Now, it’s time to get ready for next week. And hope my knee doesn’t buckle under the pressure.

See you next week at Playing for Change.
-mc larny

PS…the other band I’m in…you’ll know more soon enough.

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