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Thursday, March 4, 2010



So the new EP, "the beautifulside of ugly" is in production right now. And it turns out, I need some help.

I wrote this song called October Sky (not based on the movie, FYI) and I composed this part that sounds really good...just not if it was rapped out.

So here's the idea: I need a really talented female singer (who knows what they're doing) to sing this part. Here's the lyrics with the part highlighted (copyright MC biting)

Watch this empire crumble underneath it’s own weight
Trying to prevent the inevitable, fighting a war against fate
It’s the end of a dream, dying in my hands
A lifetime of hope that slips like time’s sands
I knew today would eliminate tomorrow by design
I could’ve prevented this, but I was delusional, at the time
With all that’s transpired, I just want to expire with my disgrace
Fade out without a doubt in my mind, I’m not going to see the end of this race

And this ghost of you haunts me, underneath the October sky
I can still see this all, in the back of my eye
I wish you would leave, believe that I don’t care for you
But my lips can’t be trusted, and these careless whispers are untrue

The silence is deafening, and I am without my sanity
My reflection distorted, no honesty, just the picture of vanity
A picture of everything that could’ve been, should’ve been
The fact that I threw this away on a whim, for something where victory is so slim
This reflection lies to me, at the moment I need that truth, that proof
That where I’m going does not include us, just myself in solitude
The disconnection is so abrupt and sudden, it could be rude
But I have to, for myself this time

(chorus 2) x2
Where have you run to, where have you gone?
My fears have come true, we won’t be together for long

Standing over the mess I’ve created, I hate it
Every inch, every second, I look back and I flinch
It was never supposed to end like this, I whisper to a chorus of ambience
And then, this decision all makes sense
This city is so beautiful, especially in the night
It looks so much more wonderful, when it’s burning so bright
As I see everything I care about leave my life in minutes of ignition that loses control
A ghost rises from the ashes, that has become a parasite, feeding off my soul
And now the memories are the poison, I fear I can’t find a remedy
When the October sky hangs overhead, I hear the ghastly melody

(Chorus 3)
And this ghost of you haunts me [Where have you run to…]underneath this October sky
I can still see this all [where have you gone…] in the back of my eye
I wish you would leave [My fears have come true….] believe that I can’t care for you
But my lips can’t be trusted [we won’t be together for long] and these careless whispers are untrue

Sounds good? Then here's what I need:
  1. Record a demo version of just the highlighted parts. Do it the way you feel would be "best" for the song.
  2. Sound quality isn't an issue. If I can hear you, then good.
  3. Email it to "m.c.larny at". Subject Line: October Sky Demo. Have a return address included, and if you have a MySpace or another website to display your music, include that in the email.
  4. If it sounds like what I'm thinking works, I'll contact you and you'll be invited to record.
So...let's hear what you got. Good luck to all of you (or in this case, any of you).
-MC Larny

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