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Saturday, May 1, 2010

blog report: progression


With the summer of 2010 in the fore-front, things are starting to pick up…finally. After the lull of winter, the road to [insert random goal here] is just beginning. And from the looks of it, this could be a really good summer, I just have the feeling it will be.

First off, Project Nightmare 2.0. Almost done, mixing for the next 2-3 weeks, and then, only then, will it be unleashed.

The beautifulside of ugly/The uglyside of beautiful are also somewhat done, but not completely. One has all the lyrics in place, one has all the beats in place. All it needs is the missing components, and I’m going to be a betting man and say uglyside will drop 1st. Just seems more likely, based on the factors involving it’s production and recording.

The Imperfect Dialogue, oooh boy, that is the BIG one. It’s already been announced it’s going to be a concept album, it’s mostly in place, from a rough draft perspective, and if you get lucky and download the new Project Nightmare 2.0 mixtape in May, you may get a little taste of this new album…

Now, on to other things:

Summer shows, well, that is pending. Hopefully, there will be a few. And hopefully, you can hear some of these new “re-imagining” of old MC Larny songs. Because I’m hyped to perform these songs…very hyped.

Stay tuned for that, once I get the “right things” in place, then the shows will (hopefully) come up. Cause and effect, friends, cause and effect…

No promises though, because with my luck, things will get ugly. And fast. Here’s hoping that don’t happen.

And I’m out like the OKC Thunder (95-94 loss to LA? SMDH)

-mc larny, representing from the right place, at the right time

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