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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another Night in Beantown: Show Report


Here we are, another show report to get through, and this time, it's a bit more lean than usual.

The details:
Where: Boston, MA
When: 6.27.2011
Type of show: Basement show

Did you know...
  • first summer show since August 2006
  • 3rd basement show
  • Latest start to a show (9PM)
The show:

Hanging out in Boston for a cool hour or so waiting for my homie Dan to show up, it gave me some time to finalize and plan out some things here and there. Of course, it changed, but getting that time is crucial.

Sitting outside a pizza parlor watching people walk by, instruments in tow is one of the more inspiring things I have seen in the course of my music career. Just goes to show you how much people dig their craft and want to chase it.

Things finally get started at 9PM, but wait...the PA system is FUBAR. so yeah, no lyrics tonight. it's back to instrumentals tonight. still fun, but I had a gameplan of sorts for the night.

The Setlist I Was Thinking Of...
  1. Intro
  2. Nightmare Set
  3. Grave Thief
  4. Feels Like [Vampire Killer Remix]
  5. Freestyle Interlude
  6. And Through It All
  7. Silence
All new stuff...but hey, sun don't shine all the time.

So we get started, but the amp is too loud and distorts the intro. Boo.

Then, I get stalled with transitions. That's on me. Strike dos.

Down 0-2, the crowd is needing to head out, and I need a HR bad. So after setting things on auto-pilot, here comes the Stutter Edit FX...

and boom goes the dynamite.

Must've been all the jam sessions I've heard about from my friends back home, or just the smell of the air (people gotta smoke, and I'm no hardliner either), but I came up with something crazy and live that saved the show.

So what do I think? I think it was a moment, one that says I need more work on my craft, but also says I'm ready for whatever.

Let's hope there's another show this summer. Either someone's gonna get it together or I'm going to throw it myself, in my backyard.

OK, that's a little crazy. But you never know :)

MC Larny

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