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Friday, January 28, 2011

the beautifulside of ugly: exposed

I've often been told that of the songs I've performed... the softer, more mellow tracks better demostrate my skills and voice. Which I find weird, because odds are, it's one of 2 things.

1) I'm putting one of my friends on a track for a collab and said friend is not of the same genre.

2) I'm a sucker for acoustic.

But anyway... for what's it worth, when I conceived uglyside and beautifulside last year, it was more of a resumption/reboot of an earlier idea that I had going very well, but technical issues ruined that one (there's a good chance 2-4 of those unfinished songs pop up on a setlist....stay tuned). The idea: 2 EP's, each one of them different in sounds and lyrical tone.

Imagine, if you will, a museum with two exhibits by the same painter. They look too radically different to be seen together side by side, so for the sake of the audience, said pictures are in different halls.

Now apply that, to two EP's. EP #1 is nearly completion (I'm dead serious. The production phase is over, lyrics are done, recording is the next step.... here's hoping Spring Break's a working vacation). EP #2.... well, that's a different story.

EP #2 is something radically different. An EP with all live instruments, no loops, no MIDI, no samples, nothing  like that. An EP that's unplugged, acoustic, because the lyrics work so much better this way and forces focus on them primarily.

As you can tell, it's not easy. Hard to, when gathering the people necessary to make this work is rough and tough to pull off. So I've been busy, creating the arrangements of these tracks myself, to streamline the process.

How goes it? Well.... tough, trying to leave the sample sound in exchange for a (temporary) MIDI sound. But I'm determined to drop this by next year, impossible odds notwithstanding.

Even if I have to go all Everlast and pick up guitar myself. Don't hold me to that.

-mc larny

p.s. you want in? leave a comment, this project needs acoustic guitars, piano, percussuion/drums, and backup vocals (play and singing = huge bonus)

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