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Monday, January 6, 2014

Project Nightmare Evolution : How It All Came Together (And Nearly Fell Apart)


After the launch of Project Nightmare 36(5) last year, there was a lull. The year-long production cycle of 36(5) was over, and it was more of a relief for me, because the project didn't wind up being a manic rush to the finish line like the majority of the series has been.

I was trying to find the next twist in the series. What's going to change this series for the better? What stylistic change will be the best and not the one that compromises it?

While I pondered it, mired in the still-ongoing production of N0_HER0ES and various remixes and reinventions (including a spell as DEF 85), I allowed influences to enter my circle and began to ponder, what is the one thing I haven't done?


Production begun on August 5th, with the posting of the teaser track "Awake and Asleep" on soundcloud. Reaction was positive, as I tried to find a direction with how this would all move forward. One idea I had was to include guest vocalists on a few songs, but this idea was moved to a remix project, slated for production this year, entitled Project Nightmare RE:volution. It didn't happen because of time constraints...hoping to make it happen in 2014 somehow, so stay tuned.

I found the influence for the whole project...and it was, surprisingly, a combo of trip-hop and chiptune. Slowed-down beats, vinyl grooves and NES arpeggios just seemed like a natural fit for me.

I always wanted to do a trip-hop project, be more of a producer, let someone else take the reigns of vocals and make something out of it. While that hasn't happened to me (and I wish it will), it's a fun little thing to explore.

I had one idea of making it a concept album. But that died after the major parts of the idea went to the wayside.

The production was off and on, being swapped with the continuation of the mixtape and the distractions of reality.

Specifically, getting a job.

Yes, I got a job.

And then that's when things got complicated.

-It Almost Didn't Happen-

Evolution got held up because of a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff, specifically not being able to complete N0_HER0ES in time, and thus, that delay, along with some real-life drama (2 car incidents. Don't ask.) meant I had little time to finalize everything. So what happened was the project became stalled and it finally reached the finish line...48 hours before it was due. I had to pull an all nighter to complete it. Since I was going to be out and about in Boston that night at work, deadlines came up like THAT.

-What Do I Think Of It Now-

This Project Nightmare was a lot more edgy, because I took the idea of mixing chiptune instruments and trip-hop (you can tell) into a unique hip-hop blend, something that is extremely far out. How do I feel about it all now that's it over?

Accomplished. Happy that Part 1 of this tale is out, excited for the remix compilation to happen this year. Potentially.

Enjoy it, because I tried to. Whoops...poor choice of words.

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