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Monday, April 28, 2014

Blog Report: The Tell-All

Hey everyone,

Been a few months since I last spoke, but it's been a crazy elevator for awhile now, that has finally stabilized itself and gets ever so close to it's destination.

So let's start with the big one: N0_HER0ES. The mixtape is missing one song (which I'm working on right now) and I do have some plans for it. The lyrics are done. So I guess the next two months are recording this bad boy and finalizing some things here and there. Specifically guests and what the strategy for making this all stick will be.

I know that, for the past two years, this project has been my life, and while it has taken forever to realize, and even went through a mid-stream realignment...I'm proud of it. And I like how this has been played close to the chest and nothing has been spilled about it so far, keeping a sense of mystery that is missing in today's internet-infused world.

Also, the arrival of N0_HER0ES ushers in a new age for the live performances. After failing and failing to find the right pieces, the decision was made to take the band in a more rap-rock direction. So thus I've been working on a new version of a few songs to make them more aggressive but not Fred Durst-levels of aggression.

Hopefully, this summer, the first appearances of this new live show will be a reality.

Now on another front: There's a couple of projects I'm working on that are both familiar and unexpected.

One of them is Project Nightmare: Links of Future Past. That's going to be fun, mainly because the idea for this one is Zelda + indie rock + orchestral.

It's as awesome as it sounds, but it's going to take some time to get right. So don't expect to hear it until September at the latest, and even then, that will be probably be the first song.

The next one is on the production front. I'm proud to say that I have a multitude of projects I'm helping by lending my beat making skill to the process. Those are pending right now but...I can share that the beats I'm working on this very moment have me smiling, because it's that good.

And in Good Coffee Inc. news, we're starting over. OK.

Also, in other news, changes are coming down the pike. Currently determining the fate of Confessions After Dark 2: uglyside. Good chance the EP gets re-written entirely, leaving the beats made for it...up in the air.

Maybe, just maybe these beats come back for a special reason. That reason I can't figure out.

So here's the recap...N0_HER0ES June 30th. Shows this summer. Producing for a few friends. Could be re-writing the EP from scratch. Stay tuned. Blah blah blah.

-mc larny

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