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Saturday, June 14, 2008

CD Blog: The Art of Beatmaking & The Art Of Evolving

What's up people? Yeah, it's my blog. A weekly update, on the album Modern Day Madness (dropping 8.8.08, 1st single out on 6/24).

So this week, I decide to take you inside the every so interesting world of beatmaking, and show you how the music has evolved since 2005.

Let me give you a short description of my past setups from the 1st album to right now.

Straight Outta Nowhere:

  • FL Studio 5

In The Paint EP:

  • FL Studio 6

  • Sony ACID XPress 5.0

Enter The Unknown:

  • FL Studio 7

  • Apple GarageBand

  • Sony ACID PRO 6

Modern Day Madness:

  • FL Studio 8

  • Apple GarageBand

So as the discography grows disc by disc, the production of the albums have advanced. Of course, all the beats have been done by me since when I started out, so the evolution is even more apparent.

For example, the 1st CD was me trying to make beats out of random noise and drum tracks.

Now, the beats have become actually structured, with breakdowns, chorus sections, intros, outros and whatnot.

If I had to trace my influences to how i make beats, it would come from the following :

  • Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind (Jedi Mind Tricks)

  • RZA (Wu-Tang Clan)

  • DJ Premier (Gang Starr)

  • Madlib

  • The Bomb Squad (Public Enemy)

  • Dr. Dre

  • Rick Rubin

Production is the 1st step in making an album, it serves as the blueprint, it gives a sense of direction to write by and keep the albums cohesive.

So yeah, that's my blog on beat production. Next week, I'll discuss another art, "The Art of Writing".


P.S. Go Celtics, LA is going down!

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