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Saturday, June 21, 2008

CD Blog: Lyrical Stylings

Howdy peeps,

Hope you're all enjoying the summer and whatnot, seeing that as of now, it's summer! (Yeah, for real this time.)

So in this week's edition of the weekly blog, I'm gonna take a look into the second half of how a record gets made. Last week, I went in-depth with how the beats have evolved and the creation of said beats.

Now, as you may or may not know, a hot beat is only as hot as the lyrics that go along with it. (OK, I understand that in 2008, lyrics don't mean jack in songs now, it's the beat and the dance moves...but I think the lyrics always have to be the forefront of a hip-hop song.)

So when I do a song, oftentimes I have a concept of what the song will be about thought up in my head, then I either get on the computer and type it out, or grab a notebook and write it out.

The thing that's really hard when it comes to writing is that it's gotta be natural, as in, I write whenever I feel like it. So that could be while playing a videogame, watching TV, being at church, riding in the car, in a class, wherever.

Here's an example of a handwritten, yet unrecorded song from 2005:
Go ahead, bite this, it won't get you anywhere, sucka MC's!

So as you see there, the lyrics there were an example on spontaneous writing.

OK, I think that I've given out enough information. Next thing you know, I'll be giving out my formula for song writing....

But that's enough knowledge for now, so I'll veer into the obligatory promo:

Modern Day Madness: 8.8.08
1st Single: "Young & Stupid" Out Tuesday for Free Download!

So yeah, be sure to check out the new single on Tuesday, and share it, rip it, just get it out there to people...

See ya in a week,
MC Larny

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