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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blog Report: 10/14/08: Guest Writer Edition

Howdy peeps,

The Blog Report with MC Larny will not be seen this week....stay tuned for the Blog Report with Ari Shuris, coming up next.

Oh, who's she? She's a creative collaborator of MC Larny who will be joining us onstage and on record this fall.

But now, it's time for her to give her version of the blog report. Make some noise for....Ari Shuris!


This semester I feel I’ve finally dipped my toes into the whole music-making thing. As a visual media production major, producing is what I love to do – film, music, poetry…I’ve been singing all my life really, and picked up the guitar a couple years ago, after watching my brother play for 15 years. Whenever I’m back home in Princeton, we jam and inspire each other. It’s a constant growing process. Since I’m away at school, he’s always interested in seeing what I’ve written and I’m always in awe of his raw talent.

I’ve lived in Princeton most of my life. It’s way too small and I’m dying to get out there and to get my work noticed. After school, I plan on moving west where the sun is bright, and where I know I can get a jumpstart on my career. I’m all about living in the now and travel, so I know this plan will be perfect for me as an individual.

After interning this semester at a radio station, I was exposed to so much talent and creativity. I told myself this really was the year to start to start working with people who have the same enthusiastic minds and spirits as me. In the studio, I feel like all I can do is be an artist. This is the only way to be artist. I love the energy that flows in the room. I feel the mutual understandings between all of us…working hard, working creatively, doing it freely. It’s a no pressure zone, but I feel there’s a little bit of pressure...good pressure…to do my best. After all, I am my own worst critic! I am amped on getting my words, voice, and emotions heard. I’ve waited so long for it really…I’ve been holding back for sometime…keeping it private, personal…but my love for it has freed me. _A


And that was the blog report for this week, hope you all enjoyed the deviation from the norm this week. Thanks to Ari for knocking it out of the the park this week. See y'all next time....

-MC Larny

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