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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blog Report: 10/22/08

Howdy homeboys and homegirls,

It's another edition of The Blog Report with MC Larny! Celebrate...or not.

So this week, a bit of a downer to report. Due to schedule conflicts up the wazoo, Down To Funk will not be the backing band for the Dec.27th show at Tom's Gourmet Marketplace in Northborough, MA. It sucks, but hey, it happens.

The replacements will be mentioned formally in due time. Still trying to work out stuff here and there. the meantime, it's back to work as usual. Mainly, making music and beats again.

Stuff like....

You probably should click on that, to get a better view. But yeah, some of the new beats I've been working on recently have been conceptually epic. We're talking 300-THIS-IS-SPARTAAAAAAA epic.

Probably don't expect any of that stuff to you know, be released in the near future. They are still rough demos, and need to be tweaked. Plus, lyrics ain't even written for it....but it could be just left instrumental, if I felt like it.

Yeah, other than that little thing up there, it's been a quiet week of sorts. Nothing big in the recording department, Ari and I are still working on stuff. It's all a matter of time, and who's got it. Hard to balance school and music, ya know?

Or do ya?

Well, let me elaborate. I've noticed that during this semester in college, I've done mostly stuff involving music, either writing or producing. Being in a single room makes it a lot easier. And it's a lot more addictive too. I'm spending like 6 or 7 days a week working on stuff. It's crazy, because I'm mad dedicated to hip-hop now. Something that I never expected to be this big part of my life right about now.

But I's a causality of the game we willing play.

Yeah, I kinda veered off there.

So I guess for this week's blog report it's.....

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Peace, and support the locals!
-MC Larny, signing out...

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