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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Blog Report: collaborator #2

OK, so last month I unveiled the first collaborator for N0_HER0ES. It's been a few so I'll give you the details on the next collab for the project.

This starts way back in 2002. Different times, different lives, different paths. So as everyone moves on and grows up and interests change, years later, paths coincide.

Introducing, SamIAM!

So here's the story: Sam and I went to middle school together, and I was at the time slowly getting into rapping, going full blown with the advent of high school. Sam goes to another high school and we barely see each other, probably at least once between then and now.

Flash forward to 2011. Sam's back, with a new rap name and style. I'm pleasantly surprised, because finally my home town has someone who's legit about this rap stuff and not because of Eminem and 8 Mile but because they love it. We re-connect via Facebook and we stay in touch every so often.

During the construction of the mixtape, I came up with the idea of opening this thing up to other people, guests if you will. Sam was on the top of the list of people to ask. He's going to be doing his thing on a track called "Chatterboxes on Mute" which I'm really excited for.

It's funny, you see people from years ago come back into the picture and next thing you know, you connect on the basis of one goal, one passion. I love moments like that.

The mixtape is shaping up to be something special, and I can't wait to share it...but at the same time I can wait because I'm going to make sure this mixtape is launched right. It's my baby and I'm not showing it off until I know it reaches my insane level of quality. So expect it...when it's done (which will be this fall)

-MC Larny saying "P ositive E lectrons A lways C ause E xplosions"

PS. SamIAM is doing his thing live Thursday night. Peep this: and come thru!

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