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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Blog Report: announcing collaborator #1

So here we are.  The mixtape has started recording (finally) and we got some friends coming along for the ride. Yes, the guy who famously was "anti-collab" has had a change of heart. Blame being in bands and side-projects and seeing how much different and better stuff sounds with others involved, but this mixtape will have a selection of collaborators join in on the synth-heavy activities.

So without further ado, here's a special look at one of the guests on #N0_HER0ES (coming this fall)!

Remember the Grass People
Meghan from Remember the Grass People (photo credit: Jones Rocktography)

One of the collaborators I've worked with off and on for the past year, Meghan's incredibly talented at what she does, singing and playing guitar in her band Remember The Grass People. I've been fortunate enough to work with her on a few songs, do a few shows with her, and such. So when it came time to put a spin on a classic song from a mutual favorite band, NIN, it was obvious that she was the perfect fit for it.

The song is an interesting one, mainly because it's so different from what I've done. It's minimalist, and just has no more than 3 instruments playing. And it was a hard track to lace lyrical stylings on. I had to break a lot of lyrical conventions that I had about myself and my voice to make it work and the sheer amount of takes it took to get it all in (just for verse 1 alone) was exhausting.

But so far, it's coming out very good. Very good. I'm excited to eventually show it off (but not now, still have to tweak it a little bit), and it's interesting, I'm re-imagining a song that was a crucial part of synth-pop and for a mixtape that bases itself around the instrument, it seemed fitting.

So you know one of the guests. Stay tuned, obviously. Because there's more to come.


In other news, on Soundcloud, 3 new tracks emerged recently.

Peep this.

Also, Project Nightmare 6 (tentative title) has officially entered production. I have some ideas for it, different ideas. But get ready for a change. Things will be different.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Still getting the band together, planning to get out and do it live before October chimes in. We'll see.

-mc larny, rap game carlos danger

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