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Monday, July 29, 2013

Blog Report 7/29: no heroes is...

it's getting there.

after what has been about a full 6-7 month process (if you want to add the SOF 2 production time, it's just over 1 year), the pieces are coming together for no heroes.

first recording started last thursday night. recording a collab with a friend of mine who you may remember from a while back. also trying to piece together at least 2 more collabs on this mixtape as well.

yeah, collabs. shocker.

but after being in 4 bands in 3 years, working with people seems more...rewarding. time-consuming, but rewarding.

writing is wrapping up this week. I got one more all-nighter session and the fact I may have some quiet time makes recording more attractive.

and then there's a few other things here and there that I'm working on as well.

the second EP will be done probably in the same sessions of no heroes. sounds crazy. but I know crazy.

aces down 2.0 is stalled. but I'm working on it. no singer yet, but odds are I'm probably going to be holding the bag this time. I even gave some thought to bringing back an old friend to do it but...well, I'd rather not get into it.

project nightmare x2 is up next after the recording is done.

the third EP will probably be happening in the end of the year. going to bring in some friends and guests to flesh out the all unplugged songs. yes, all unplugged. but the challenge will be keeping hip-hop traits in a live music situation.

the next full-length will probably start in 2014. and it will probably be a mix of the EPs, the mixtapes, the bands i've been in and project nightmare.

and there's movement on the trip-hop project too. could be a bigger part of Retroflux. will update on the story as time goes on.

now on the live performance front:
  • reworking the show to work around the no heroes material. so this means, synths everywhere. glitch everywhere. dubstep nowhere to be found (GTFO)
  • there may be a minimal band lineup. 50% pre-rendered, 50% live. yeah like I'm going to run 10 different synths live. you nuts.
  • Fall 2013 sound good? OK, how about next month?
So stay tuned. Collabs will be revealed soon. Get ready.

-mc larny

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