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Friday, January 2, 2015

A detailed post-mortem on RE:volution

Project Nightmare RE:volution is out as of this moment and you can get it for $2 for the next 2 weeks. But enough about sales pitches, let's trace the story of this installment all the way back.

Obviously, Project Nightmare has been the one constant, akin to the sunset and sunrise, death, and taxation. But this year, there was an off-chance it wouldn't happen.

Approx 4 months ago, I was in-between jobs, awaiting to return to my prior job and I got the news that the job was non-existent because of some bad business on someone's end. So essentially my lifeline for the fall months was gone, in a moment. No more of that.

I didn't expect it would hit that hard but somehow, it did. N0_HER0ES's development was stalled, scrubbing the planned 12/13/14 release I was hoping and trying to make a reality, and eventually Project Nightmare felt it as well. I was unfocused for a good 4 weeks, not caring one inch, about anything. All that mattered was video games, netflix, and eating. And I knew it was wrong. But I didn't care. At all.

At that point, there was serious conversion about ending the project in 2015, stopping everything after N0_HER0ES and moving forward with life, shedding the last part of my youth. I didn't want to acknowledge it so for my own sake, I kept it a secret for a long time, no one knew and I didn't openly talk about it for the longest time.

So I wallowed in my deepening private pit of garbage, orchestrating a movement of dishonesty and veiled answers. No details. Just a bold front.

In November, the work on RE:Volution resumed and it was hard, because this year, there was no common theme to anything. So there's no direction, it's far too late to determine it, and it's slated to drop 1.1.15. What do you do? Adapt.

So the reason for it's very uneven feel is because it speaks best when it describes something. I think this collection of songs works very well to point out the reality of the project, and how it just was put together, assembled to craft a patchy whole. Things are imperfect but there are at a point where it works.

I like to describe it as a tape of sounds that range from all over, and all feel like their own separate idea that stands alone. I hope you like it and we'll see you later this year for N0_HER0ES.

BTW, here's the tracklist as of now.
4. Frail Safety
8. Chasing the Elusive
12. Chatterboxes on Mute


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