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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Blog Report: N0_HER0ES, Starting a Band Again, and What Does the Future Hold

Two-for-one this week.

So with N0_HER0ES now having a tracklist and a more solid outlook going forward, time to look back at how exactly this project came to be.


August 2012: N0_HER0ES begins it's life as Summer of Fate 2: the bad kids, an idea to merge Project Nightmare and the hip-hop songs into one package, hopefully to combine the two and end any confusion about what they were going forward. Roughly 15 songs were slated for it.

December 2012: Summer of Fate 2 became N0_HER0ES. Quietly announced on Facebook, putting the developed ideas for SOF 2 in limbo.

January 2013: Ideas begin to buzz. One of the ideas was to make it a standard mixtape. Eventually rejected in exchange for a mixtape that was a complete deviation from prior works. The sticking point was synthizers. First version of the tracklist leaked.

March 2013: Demos for more of the songs begin, rejects and abandoned ideas pile up, leaving a core concept, that being "society has no heroes they can trust" and building off a personal opinion - Everyone we praise as a hero, an idol, is exposed in due time and we can't bother to see them the same way.

May 2013: More demos. Delayed the mixtape to TBA 2013, didn't finish the main pieces in time to live up to a tentative summer 2013 release window.

June 2013: 60% of the beats and ideas completed. Lyrics are being written on a slow but steady basis. More ideas, plans to add guests to this project begin in earnest.

July - August 2013: recording begins. collaborators are contacted. The Elusive recorded. Second tracklist internally confirmed.

September 2013: Sick of Running recorded.

October 2013: Final tracklist complete. One track omitted, another added. Final instrumentals finished.

That's the history of N0_HER0ES so far.
And now on to some other stuff.

I've been quiet about getting a band or a backing unit together for N0_HER0ES, mainly due to a bunch of  stumbling blocks. Some of them obvious, some of them not so much. Specifically, trying to get a band together at the age of 25 and out of nearly impossible. Especially where I live.

There have been a few close calls, even so far that the demos were being pieced together. But there was always something, from communication issues, to not being able to find a singer and having to start over again, to scheduling issues closing off prospects till the end of 2013. You name it it's happened. And yet it's still going to happen.

I've settled for this being a strung-out process, one that will possibly have immense turnover along the way. And of course, this all being stuck in development for eternity, but who cares right? The goal is in view.

I'm doing my part in this too. Reworking a ton of songs from the mixtape and other projects to create the best possible show I can think of. Preperation and intense pre-production helps along the way so I'm working on all these demos in the interim for my own benefit.

This raises the question I've answered a million times before: Why not just do it alone?

Uhh...I did that. 5-6 times. The last time was defeat in victory, in that the show was the best one I could put on but I was out of place with everyone else playing instruments. So I'm actively trying to avoid that.

And now that live issues have been discussed...time to be frank about what the future possibly holds.

2014 is going to be focused on 3 projects. The 4th album, Good Coffee Inc, and whatever happens if Aces Down 2.0 comes to life. I'm more that ready for this. But it's going to be a lot of work. And a lot of fun.

Hopefully this all works and the proposed documentary I've pitched (!) goes into production....WHOOPS SPILLED THE BEANS!

-MC Larny

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