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Monday, January 14, 2013

Winter War Micro-Tour Recap (And More)

Coming off a week where everything happened, the Winter War Micro-Tour was perhaps the most physically exhausting yet rewarding set of shows I've been a part of.

I guess it was an experiment, if I could actually create a show that was reliant on one person, rather than a group of people, and do it over and over again. A sampler of a future life, I guess.

Show #1 at Patrick's in Malden was a warm up, a chance to tweak some things, soundwise and manipulation wise as well. Also, working on stage presence and just focus trying to incorporate the elements of my skill set was a focus. I would say the appreciation I received was great and encouraging. Mainly because I changed my approach.

I stopped trying to be the perfect guy, and instead just went out and existed.

Show #2 at the All Asia was rough to start with. Hoping that a chunk of my friends would be there as moral support kinda didn't I took the stage, a little nervous, a little afraid.

And what happened was magical. Just entering a zone that for so many nights, I had dreamed about, planned out and mentally prepared myself to step into.

I went for nearly 30 minutes, all rapping. Which scares me, because I think my max was probably 20 minutes, but 30, without a drink next to me, was wild. 

Getting props from the bartender was a huge boost in my confidence as well.

This was fun, very much so. Thanks to everyone who came out to see me, it was great.

Now with that out of the way, it's time to talk about some other business.

TRACK 1: For those who were not in the know, last Friday, I posted a mystery remix on Soundcloud.

It was a preview, and now that it's over, time to officially announce Project Nightmare: Pink Monday. Coming....NEXT MONDAY. Uh-huh.

ACES DOWN 2.0: Under construction. Still setting a number of objectives and targets to keep this project more focused and make it easier to explain.

Project Nightmare 36(5): It's out. It's done. I think that was the one time I really set my mind to something and achieved it. Long-term build for a long-term payoff. Good times.

Expect more postings in the next few days. Peace.

-mc larny

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