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Thursday, October 15, 2009

An Open Letter from MC Larny to Everyone


It’s been quite some time since I’ve talked to you like this. Over 2 months, to be exact. Lots of things have happened, not all of them expected or wanted.

I’ve given some thought to what exactly my future in music would be, if there was such a thing. I’ve done some personal soul-searching, reflected on the past few months, and more importantly, years of my life that have gone by. Eventually, when you love something so much that you can’t give your heart to it, you have to let it go, and come to terms with your reality.

Much like an addict , I’m (sadly) addicted to hip-hop music to the point of dependency, to the point where I’m crawling back. So this officially ends the hiatus, as of this sentence.

So what’s up? Few things:

  • Putting the mic down: I think there was a time for MC Larny to spit ill rhymes, and it seems that for now, it’s not the time. Call it what you want, reality catching up with me, lack of enthusiasm, or just plain falling off… there were a lot of little things not falling into place to really take MC’ing to the next level in my eyes. In general, I’m still on hiatus in terms of verbal output.
  • Producing all the time: The project is moving to an all-instrumental direction for the time being. It’s new, it’s fresh, and instead of taking 18 months (on average) to create a package….I can drop stuff faster, and at a better quality. Also, I don’t need to map out beats to follow the verse-chorus-verse structure, so I can really go all out on this.
  • What’s next?: The next project is a mixtape project called Shut Up Make Music. It will be free, online exclusive, and drop dates are looking really good right now.

That’s all I can really say as of this moment. So check out my Bandcamp page and Facebook page for the 411.

Peace and whatever you so want it to be,

MC Larny

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