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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blog Report 5/14/09: Fun Times With Music and Concepts

Evening folks,

So yeah, the blog has been dry, due to a lot of things happening. School/work/general lack of drive to type, whatever. But at least I'm back...

OK, enough of that. As it stands now, "The_Endgame" is still under construction. There is a concept in place, there is a map being drawn, lyrics are being written constantly, and the beats are being finalized. I'll approximate and say about 60-65% of the beats are "showable". That is, the beats are almost there. Just a little push further will do the trick. I'm not giving away the exact sound of the beats yet (keep peeping the Clip Show and the clips going up every week or so on the Reverbnation player/Facebook audio player), but I will say that everything has a point, and that every beat matches the lyrics I've imagined for them.

As for the lyrics themselves, well, I'm still working on it. Got a lot of songs coming together, and there is a bit of a concept to them. It's most likely going ot be a personal look, but not along the lines of 808's and Heartbreak. Sorry, I can't dig it, just can't.

Dang....I don't know what to tell y'all. I want to say so much on this project, but I really think I need to finalize everything before I pull the curtain off and bring it all out. Let's see...what else to talk about...?

Oh, I got it. The music I'm listening to right now:

Sevendust- Praise,Will It Bleed
Deftones- Around The Fur, Mascara
Gang Starr- The Militia, F.A.L.A., Suckas Need Bodyguards
Eminem- Kim, '97 Bonnie and Clyde, My Name Is
Nas- U Wanna Be Me
Alice In Chains- Queen of The Rodeo
Jay-Z - Streets Is Watching, Can I Get A....
Bigg Jus- Halogen Lanterns, Eerie Silence

I'd say a nice balance of hip-hop I dig and rock songs that I feel like throwing up the horns for.

OK...I'm out of gas. Ain't got much to say here, except stay tuned for more clips, maybe some freestyles soon, and more info on the music being made.

And I'm out like the Mavs (ooooooooh)

-MC Larny

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